When you go to topps.com/bowmangame it no longer redirects you, it just takes you to the new topps.com homepage. I try to log in on the new website and it says my password is wrong. Try to send a change password e-mail, and never receive an e-mail. Finally I use the activation link in the first e-mail for signing up for the prospect challenge. It takes me there but no longer says I have won a blue wave "card" at the top as it did before. When I click on my prizes, it comes back with you must log in, even though i'm already logged in. No matter how many times I log in it wont let me look at my prizes. I never received the e-mail saying I am to receive a blue wave pack as well. So there is absolutely no proof that I should have a blue wave pack coming. Is it this messed up for everyone else, I can't be the only one.