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Thread: 2016-17 Basketball Card Questions

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    2016-17 Basketball Card Questions

    Which of the different card sets is the best to collect? I've seen the Donruss, Complete, and Hoops boxes and all seem similar from a cost standpoint, but which is the best to collect?
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    Not sure if you ever got your question answered offline but I'd say Panini Prizm is a safe bet just about every year. Not a whole lot of bang for your buck at 4 cards per pack but if you can get dupes of some of the rookies, it can be well worth it. Not every draft class is good but there is usually at least one or two good players that come out of every draft. And if they do well, you get base rookies that can sell routinely in the $15-$30 range. Pull a parallel version and you've got a nice card for sure. And they can be found at retail as well as hobby outlets. I think 2012-13 was the best class of the last several years as you have guys like Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Isaiah Thomas, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker, and Anthony Davis (just off the top of my head) in the set. 13-14 was okay with Giannis. 14-15 had Parker, Embid, and Wiggins. 15-16 has Booker, Prozingis, and Towns. All of these cards generally/usually outsell base rookies from other products making the set worth putting together every year. Plus the design is usually simple but nice.

    IMO, the best base rookie used to be topps/topps chrome as far as value. I think with topps out of the game, prizm has taken over this nitch.
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