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Thread: Question regarding afflac/perfect game cards.

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    Question regarding afflac/perfect game cards.

    I've been wondering this for a while and as I have branched out to picking up the earliest rookies, particularly autographed versions, in all sports I collect, I was wondering exactly how a guy can have a USA card or afflac/perfect game card or even the topps McDonald's All American card and still be considered a legit amateur? Do they not get paid for these cards? I can see them signing a contract indicating that by being on the team or in the game they give the company the rights to use their image on cards without compensation for doing so but the autographed part seems odd to me. Like, why would they sign autographs for free? If I was in their shoes I probably wouldn't mind but with all the money involved these days, I have a hard time believing some meddling adult or family member wouldn't pump the brakes on that thinking their kid was being taken advantage of. How does this work?
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    You are correct when you say that the cards are part of the game, and there is no remuneration. You answer your own question abut the autos. It's fun for these kids to have their own professionally made cards, and many realists among them know that this may be their only one.

    As to some parents stopping this in the name of exploitation, I believe that has happened. I could be wrong, but I don't think every player in these games get cards, and it is not a requirement/dealbreaker.
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