Sorry folks been sick the last week and late in posting this months run.
PSA specials are bad again ( or the same as normal bulk price in the case of Collector Club Special #1 )

So same PSA as last 3 months.Cost includes declared value fee PSA charges on freight

$7.25 for 50 business day service
$10.25 for 30 business day service

If you have tickets ( non auto) that you want sent in and slabbed I will run a ticket special see me also.
That's covered under CC Special # 2-- will be $15.25 per ticket.

Costs are basically 25 cents added on per card. This covers declared value (insurance) for cards being returned from PSA

Due date for August is AUGUST 26TH latest so I can enter all subs and get out Tuesday August 29th

BGS just see me I do 2,5,10 and non-guaranteed service sorry cannot quote prices publicly
Merely email me at my for costs
See me for the forms we use. My regulars know what to do same deal as always