Read them. Know them. Love Them. They are here to protect you.

1. Feedback. Transactions should ALWAYS spawn a feedback. This is not how you "feel" about the transaction. This is simply did your trade partner comply fully with the terms of the trade? Keep in mind your trading partner is responsible for getting the card to you safely. Cards damaged in shipment are the responsibility of the SENDER to resolve. Retaliatory feedback will not be tolerated and will be an easy way to by yourself a vacation from the site.

2. Yes, being a slow shipper does make you a bad trader. Everyone understands that life happens. If you communicate with your trading partner, it makes it easier. IF YOU CANT SHIP WHEN STATED, LET THE OTHER PARTY KNOW!

3. Only one bump to the top by the OP or his associates per item.

4. Items need to be formatted like this

(Card Name)
(Starting Price)
Bid Increments)
(Ending Time)
(Must include a picture of card in OP)

5. If there are any questions about the legitimacy of the card image in the OP a moderator may asked for a "coined" image with verification that the seller has the card in hand. You must have the card in hand and have ownership of it to sell it here.

6. End Time will be determined by the message boards internal clock. All posts are timestamped and this will be the absolute authority in determining if a bid was placed in time.

7. NO BIDS will be accepted after the ending time. If your bid falls after it then it is not valid.

8. When you list an item to be lined it is considered bad form to remove it without reason. This will be handled on a case by case basis but could lead to the transaction forums being unavailable to you.