All backlogs except one are gone to my knowledge as of today so here we go on a new month
Please email any questions

Due date BGS 10 Day subs = in house by NOV 10th and in house by NOV 24th
Due Date on PSA 30 day sub = in house by NOV 24th
Due date on all other monthly subs = in house by NOV 24

Everything else just fire away at will it flies when we get enough.
BGS slow times remember its taking 4 months to get back
You want spring training poppage get it here now

While we haven't run any PSA/DNA or PSA vintage your welcome to express interest
If I can get enough participants will run a sub for those


30 business day service $ 10.25 per card include declared value
50 business day service $7.25 per card includes declared value
Crossover goes under 30 day
Re-slab $7.00 per card add 25 cents for declared value

BGS= see me I do 2,5,10 day and non guaranteed cannot quote pricing publicly
My email is provide your FCB username please
I do lots of FCB related 10 days lets just put it that way

Faster times shipping is split with participants however many we have on the subs for PSA/BGS
Your all good at replying thanks for helping make subs smooth