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Thread: My ALL I Want For Christmas Baseball card want List for sets

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    My ALL I Want For Christmas Baseball card want List for sets

    My ALL I Want For Christmas Baseball card want List (updated 12/12/17)
    Random and obscure but here's my Baseball card Want List as a long suffering set builder still trying to finish these sets off

    2014 Topp Chipz Mascot Red Border
    Gapper (Cinn Reds), Raymond (Tampa Bay)

    2012 Bowman Platinum Gold Refractors #d to 50 to go (76/100 so far)
    2(Nolan Arenado), 16(Billy Hamilton), 18(Matt Harvey), 23(Manny Machado), 30(Mike Olt), 32(Joe Panik), 34(Martin Perez), 38(Gary Sanchez), 39(Michael Sano), 40(Jonathan Schoop), 41(Jonathan Singleton), 44(Noah Syndergaard), 48(Zach Wheeler), 64(Dylan Bundy), 69(Gerrit Cole), 76(Andrelton Simmons), 78(Sonny Gray), 80(Wil Myers), 81(Jarred Cosart), 82(Chris Archer), 83(Guillermo Pimentel), 86(Cory Spangenberg), 94(Tommy Joseph), 97(Nick Castellanos)

    2012 Bowman Platinum Gold Parallel (99/100 so far)
    56(Bryce Harper)

    2012 Bowman Platinum Green Diffractor #d to 399 (Set # 2.. 94/100 so far)
    23(Manny Machado), 38(Gary Sanchez), 39(Miguel Sano), 44(Noah Syndergaard), 64(Dylan Bundy), 97(Nick Castellanos)

    2006 Topps Chrome Black Border #d to 549...326/330 so far
    7(Mickey Mantle), 50(Barry Bonds), 221(Ken Griffey, Jr), 260(Ichiro Suzuki Gold Glove)

    Topps Chrome 2006 Black Border Autographs (AU) Want List (#d to 200)
    334(Adam Wainwright), 340(Ian Kinsler)

    2006 Turkey Red WHITE BORDER Want List (329/330 so far)
    582 Cal Ripken Jr (White Border only <<<===last one)

    2000 Fleer Focus Masterpiece Mania Set # 3 (each #d to 300) Want List
    (6 cards to go out of 250 for complete set…244/250 so far)
    11(Derek Jeter), 107(Jim Thome), 168(Frank Thomas), 218(Barry Bonds), 236(Wily Mo Pena), 238(Vernon Wells)

    Fleer Focus 2000 Masterpiece Mania Set # 4 (each #d to 300) Want List
    (14 cards to go out of 250 for complete set…236/250 so far)
    1(Nomar Garciapara), 11(Derek Jeter), 107(Jim Thome),
    113(Omar Vizquel), 117(Aaron Sele), 134( Jeff Bagwell), 168(Frank Thomas), 170(Jason Schmidt), 185(Ripken), 218(Bonds), 226(Rick Ankiel), 236(WilyMo Pena),
    238(Vernon Wells), 250(Beckett)

    1998 Topps TEK
    Mike Mussina Card 80 Pattern # 35

    1998 Topps TEK Same Card #/ Pattern # Want List ..(86/90 so far)
    13p13(Mark McGwire), 21p21(Roger Clemens), 51p51(Cal Ripken, Jr), 63p63(Paul Konerko)

    1998 Topps TEK Diffractor want list (Set # 2)
    14 to go out of 90 to complete set
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