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  1. best autograph pen/marker for NHL jersey?
  2. My 2010 PC
  3. Summit Promotions giveaways.
  4. Boston Bruins IP Autos
  5. Let a new era begin by Wednesday...
  6. Panini Certified...come see!!!
  7. Attacked fan gets local interview.
  8. 2010-11 Upper Deck Young Gun pics
  9. Will the Certified Rc autos hold value?
  10. Concerns about Panini.....
  11. 2010-11 Panini Limited
  12. Should we expect a Absolute release in Hockey?
  13. Gordie Howe Autographs in Certified
  14. Will the buy back autos in 2010-11 Score be expensive?
  15. Opinion on mystery cut
  16. Big Thanks to coltsnsox07
  17. 3 Card Mail Day
  18. Group Break Ideas
  19. Seguin first goal jersey up for auction
  20. 2007-8 Patrick Kane UD ICE/99 - recent sales?
  21. 2 shields are better than 1
  22. Tons of pics from last nights Calgary/Edmonton game :)!!!!
  23. Group Break Mailday
  24. 10/11 Panini Certified Hockey Contest!
  25. Sidney Crosby Showoff Thread...
  26. Crown Royale Taylor Hall Preview pic
  27. UD Priority Signings Taylor Hall preview pic
  28. What can I expect to get for a sealed 05-06 The Cup tin?
  29. Are Donruss' "Rated Rookies" the new Young Guns?
  30. Late Night Wal-Mart Haul of McFarlane Canadian exclusives!!!
  31. More Crown Royale preview pics....
  32. My Anze Kopitar Collection - Many Scans
  33. Thoughts on Panini Hockey Wax (overall output)
  34. codes
  35. Who's going to the Toronto International Show?
  36. Stopping in and saying hi
  37. Official Hockey Pickup Thread - November 2010
  38. A few new pickups Cup Style
  39. Anyone Else Get NPN's from Upper Deck Today?
  40. Score cards live already?
  41. NHL 2010-11 Rookie Class, The Young Guns!
  42. Players from your team that might be forgotten
  43. 2010/11 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia
  44. The Rookie Card Showoff Thread
  45. You know your team is having attendance issues when...
  46. Best and worst trades your favorite team ever made..
  47. Shout out to G$money$
  48. Steiner Sports is having a 3/$99 auto'ed puck sale
  49. Met some Capitals today 06Nov10
  50. My Steven Stamkos PC - Scan Heavy
  51. NHL Draft (1963-2010): Fun with Excel
  52. Very Interesting QC Article by Panini
  53. Why no BGS or PSA at the expo's?
  54. Brodeur/Price/Fleury Triple auto mailday
  55. Addresses for NHL teams?
  56. Free Hockey Cards
  57. Pretty cool offer for Canadian Olympic Hockey fans....
  58. Don't you just love the first day of a new release?
  59. Going to rip a Score Box on Twitter right now
  60. New All-Star format this year
  61. Here's an easy way to put the net back on the moorings
  62. Awesome UD contest!!!
  63. Hello Panini, nice to meet you.
  64. Topps vs OPC, why such a price difference?
  65. Pelle Lindbergh died 25 years ago today
  66. Best name in sports EVARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
  67. Brett Sutter arrested and charged with assualt in Arizona.
  68. Anyone know what happened to Daniel LaCosta
  69. Happy 60th, Gilbert Perreault!
  70. Which wax product would you bust?
  71. Slab Talk
  72. 2010/11 Donruss Rated Rookies are out (Taylor Hall inside)!!
  73. In search of 2 Cards to complete set Tavares and Kopitar
  74. New to Hockey - Prices on box/cases high or low?
  75. HUGE Thank You to Bilko (G $MONEY$)
  76. Anxiously Awaited Mailday!
  77. FCB Weekend Hockey Pool- Winner is PSquared!!!
  78. Hockey question from a football guy
  79. is it too late to start a John Tavares PC?
  80. Calgary GM Daryl Sutter trades his son and Ian White to...
  81. 2010-11 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary set checklist
  82. 2008-09 OPC Retro
  83. 2010/11 NHL Panini Sticker Book
  84. Is Steven Stamkos now in Crosby's and Ovechkin's class?
  85. ENDED at $9,189!!!
  86. Will Steven Stamkos score 50 Goals in 50 Games?
  87. 2003-04 SOTT (updated-11.30.10)
  88. Went to the Jersey store today :)
  89. Pat Burns has passed away
  90. Penguins vs Hurricanes 11.19.10 w/ pics
  91. Ticket Stubs and Schedules
  92. Show off cards of former 1st Overall draft picks!!!
  93. Hockey Mailday
  94. The Who Collects Who Thread
  95. Need a little help with an item I found
  96. HBO 24/7 2011 Winter Classic Preview
  97. Penguins Flyers Mailday and a Thank You!!!
  98. 2008 UD Masterpieces Tretiak auto
  99. Why is hockey such an unpopular sport?
  100. New FCB BGS Group Sub Offering!
  101. Vote for your favorite NHLers and win a All Star Game Trip!
  102. Finally Got My Lightning Done on My Site
  103. Looking for Jaromir Jagr. (Wantlist + Tradelist inside)
  104. Who were your favorite players while you were a kid?
  105. Any info on this Orr auto'd puck?
  106. TRIFECTA + Company
  107. 08-09 UD All World SPs?
  108. Fake Patrick Kane Cup RC Patch /99 on Ebay
  109. Old UD Boxes...any worthwhile?
  110. Sly's Zach Hamill Player Collection
  111. What are your favorite Hockey "moments" of all-time?
  112. Graded Card "Bump" opinions needed
  113. 2010/11 Heroes and Prospects preview pics.
  114. Anyone buying the Score Hot Rookie SPs?
  115. Greatest American Born NHLer of all time?
  116. Pat Burns's widow robbed overnight
  117. Thank you FCB Giveaway/Contest!
  118. Thank You to jeff_bichel for some Pens freebies!!!
  119. Official Hockey Pickup Thread - December 2010
  120. Toronto Maple Leafs Getting SOLD? For 1.3 Billion! To Rogers
  121. 2010-11 UD Young Guns Math
  122. Upper Deck has posted the Black Diamond Checklist
  123. HUGE THANK YOU TO Jyrki aka riquelminho!!!!!
  124. My Phaneuf cards
  125. AHL to launch Heritage Classic festivities in Calgary.
  126. 2010-11 Young Guns in BGS 9.5 Form
  127. Mailday - Thanks to G $Money$ and Benson!
  128. Penguins @ Blue Jackets December 4, 2010 w/ pics
  129. My 68-69 Topps Flyers team set
  130. Bill Guerin to Retire Today...as a Penguin
  131. Anyone a fan of valeri bure?
  132. McFarlane NHL 27 Preview Pics
  133. Holy Stamkos Batman!
  134. Joe Sakic 1/1 Sportkings Logo
  135. Donruss is LIVE!
  136. Thoughts on 2010 11 SPX and SP authentic
  138. Big Mail day for a Non-Hockey Collector....
  139. All Hail Those Back Pages - A big Shout Out!
  141. Interesting Donruss Card
  142. if you could open one Hockey wax pack from the 80's......
  143. Giving up, gonna ask for a replacement, Advice please
  144. tavares artifacts rc
  145. Customer got 51 Young Guns in one box
  146. One of my favorite sets every year
  147. BGS 80's OPC Sheet Cut cards
  148. UD sets multiple seasons
  149. Patrick Roy 91-92 Pro Set Auto?
  150. Are you this obsessed - Player collecting
  151. Shout-Outs to pghbuccos, cfind, AK11 and Thosebackpages!!!
  152. Stu's Jamie Benn Collection
  153. Your FIRST PLACE...............Atlanta Thrashers?!?!
  154. Merry Christmas From the Belfast Giants
  155. John MacLean out as NJ Devils head coach, Lemaire In...
  156. The Cup question
  157. Need Some Base Cards...
  158. I have a 1000 hockey cards and 2 questions.
  159. Crosby RC question
  160. Another dumb question(s).
  161. 2011 World Junior Championships Thread
  162. Show Your Favorite 2010 Addition(s)
  163. Pens Fans - Verizon Has Free Posters in Stores
  164. Anyone have info on this set?
  165. Summarizing my 2010 Capitals TTMs
  166. UD Redemption Replacement Day - My Favor! ORR
  167. 2011 National Hockey Card Day in Canada February 12th
  168. WBS Pens vs Hershey Bears w/ pics
  169. Hockey ebay question
  170. It's New Year's Eve: What's Your Collecting Goals for 2011..
  171. Penguins mailday and a Thank You
  172. Official Hockey Pickup Thread - January 2011
  173. Question About a Game Used Hockey Seller on Ebay...
  174. What are some good products to start on?
  175. My 2011 Winter Classic Pics
  176. 10/11 SP Authentic
  177. 2011 Project: Prospecting & The Flip
  178. BINs / Poorly listed Auctions someone may want
  179. Taylor Hall logo shield hits the bay
  180. Dwayne Roloson, Glad to Have You Aboard
  181. New GU Stick Arrival...
  182. Jamie Langenbrunner traded to Dallas
  183. My Completed 2010-11 Score Net Cam insert set
  184. SP Game Used is Live on Ebay@!!!
  185. Who's Autograph is this?
  186. My Penguins Collection - UPDATED PAGE 5
  187. long overdue Canuck mailcall
  188. All-Star Rosters Announced
  189. 98 OPC Chrome Gretzky RC reprint
  190. Got some grades back - hockey included
  191. moral dilemma (hockey card related)
  192. Mailday and a Thank You!!!
  193. Flyers Autograph Signing
  194. One Massive Mailday-250 cards!
  195. I'm going to be a hypocrite
  196. 1997-1998 Black Diamond Quad Grant Fuhr
  197. My Penguins Mailweek
  198. Hockey guys i need help on a purchase
  199. These look nice: Contenders
  200. Penguins vs Red Wings pics from 1/18/11
  201. Leafs Team Set Project
  202. The Great Gretzky Project
  203. Tyler Seguin / Mario Lemieux Dual Jersey Card
  204. Any of the "Old Skool" 1980's OPC collectors remember these?
  205. Bilko's Excellent Pro Hockey Life Trip!!!
  206. Happy Birthday Wayne-o!
  207. Hockey Guys: I have a question....
  208. Wanted to share a hockey mailday
  209. Kari Lehtonen Collectors
  210. 2010/11 UD SP Authentic Preview (SPX too)
  211. Official All Star Game Fantasy Draft Thread
  212. FCB NHL All-Star Game Contest!!
  213. NHL All-Star Game Fan Fair...autos, redemptions and pictures
  214. Check out the fantasy hockey game I made
  215. NHL All-Star Skills competition and Young Stars Chat Thread!
  216. NHL teams that have NEVER had a top 5 draft pick??
  217. NHL All Star game CHAT Thread
  218. I think this was a steal
  219. NHLPA and CBC's Hockey Night in Canada Player's Poll
  220. The Bucket is Full
  221. What's your all-time favourite set?
  222. 10-11 SPX Auto Patch Spectrum Tracker
  223. Come see the "TRADERS"
  224. I need to ask this again...RE: Hockey Jersey / Patches.
  225. An Insert Set on Fights?
  226. Any Wayne Gretzky rookie experts? And what do I do
  227. Official Hockey Pickup Thread - February 2011
  228. Darren McCarty
  229. My Eric Lindros Collection
  230. 2010/11 SPx Checklist Question [Update]
  231. 2011 Upper Deck Winter Classic SGA Set COMPLETED
  232. Bruins shut down Savard for the season
  233. Mailday With a THANK YOU and an Insert Set Completed
  235. Biggest D-Bags in the NHL
  236. Contest cards
  237. Post your favorite "best looking" Hockey Cards
  238. FCB Weekend Pool ***Taylor Hall and PK Subban RC Prizes***
  239. Tyler SEGUIN Auto Jersey Rookie Inscription FAKE?
  240. Huge NHL Trade!!!!
  241. Don't do a lot of hockey but picked these up today!
  242. ***HERITAGE CLASSIC*** Game Day Chat Thread
  243. Any interest in a Contenders Hockey Group Break?
  244. Penguins Acquire James Neal!
  245. What will this card bring?
  246. 10/11 Contenders Golden Ticket - Who would you want?
  247. First hockey mail day, thanks to Bilko!
  248. Upper Deck and Distributors Question
  249. Terry Pegula + Buffalo Sabres = bright future
  250. Show Your Favorite Cards From Player Collections...