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  1. Hello,

    I stumbled across your profile when I was reading a thread about '90 Aqueous cards and saw that you are both a Gwynn collector and live near me. I joined for the sole purpose of seeing if you would have any interest in a BGS 8.5 '98 Dugout Axcess Gwynn #126 with a piece of game used uniform (up by the grading label). I can't imagine it is worth much of anything but I'd rather it go to a Gwynn collector than gather dust in a box as it did during my 10 years off of collecting. And just in case you don't have these pretty minor cards, I have 01 UD Big League Beat BB13, 00 UD Hitter's Club 67, 00 Impact 36, 99 Ultimate Victory 93, 00 UD 264, 98 Ultra 491, 00 Topps Gallery 118, 99 Bowman 264, and 13 Topps 72 Minis TM43. Would be looking for any Mariners I don't have.
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