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  1. Eric,

    Edited message. Sorry, my mistake about Burnitz cards. looking at two diffeent things at the same time.

    Nice group of cards. I need the following for my colllection:

    Griffey - 68
    Juan Gone - 25
    Nomar - 19
    Jeter - 45, 54
    Molitor - 6
    TClark - 39
    Hinch - 62
    Konerko - 54, 78, 79, 86

    If you're willing to sell this group, I would go $100. plus sending you the four Buhner commons -- pp. 6, 10, 11, and 58 and three Burnitz diffractors p. 23, 52, and 66. If you don't want to part with all of them, let me know what you would sell and for what. If you just want the four Buhner common cards even up for the Nomar diffractor, that would be okay with me too.

    If you want to sell, give me your PayPal ID to complete the transaction. I don't think we've done business before, but you can check my eBay feedback (over 7000+) *rinkrat38 on eBay.

    Rich Roth
    South Deerfield, Mass
    *rinkrat38 on eBay
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