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  1. Couple things- I sent along my address a couple weeks back for the Manny Ramirez lot in your 90's break. I haven't heard back yet or seen the cards yet so I just wanted to check in. I don;t think anything noteworthy was pulled of Manny and it is no rush but it will be fun when the cards come in.

    Also- congrats on the Stand and Deliver Red Letters set purchase. Those scans look awesome in the 90's thread. I know you are in it to turn a profit on the breakup of the set but I don;t have a Manny so let me know what price you are looking for on the Manny Ramirez. I definitely don;t spend like I used to but I also don;t need all that many 90's inserts of him anymore so it would be awesome to pick that one up. I have the other two Stand and Deliver versions. If our prices match then cool, if not no problem. Good luck with the singles and I hope you do really well.

    Cheers, Jamie
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