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  1. Thanks to the big catalog shakeup at, I've managed to pickup 19 Winfield cards I needed for free. Since April 1, they've been offering site credit for helping re-populate their database by playing through various card identification challenges. I blew who knows how many hours on it, but was able to build up around $80 to spend on cards I needed and then ship them for free. The free shipping is over now, but the challenges are still going (though probably not for much longer). Now that I've cleaned out the site of the cheaper cards I needed, I may try to pick up a few of the $10+ cards, since it's still basically not my money I'll be spending.
  2. I suspect a lot of the high-end 2008 UD product wasn't very popular, resulting in a lot of YSL cards inserted only into those issues being stuck in unopened boxes in various sellers inventory. I would love to see a breakdown of the YSL checklist by which products' packs the cards were inserted. I think it would be very revealing as to why certain cards never seem to surface. I need another 23 cards from that set, which had 100 Winfields.
  3. I like the inventory manager but every time I entered a card the picture of the card would disappear. I have so many cards it would take me forever to enter them, so I stopped. Would love to be a Super Collector but time to do it all isnt good. I keep searching for the 2008 Legacy cards too... I hate paying more in shipping than I pay for the cards.
  4. Slowly. A fairly high-end Winfield collector has been selling off his collection on eBay the past few weeks, and so far, I've only picked up one of maybe 60 great cards he's listed. But it's been cool to see all these fairly rare parallels and serial #'d cards for the first time.
  5. How has your Winfield collection been going ?
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