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  1. Hey Chris: Hope all is well since our last transaction. Looking around for these cards, LMK if you have any. The 1996 Select Gold is not on the list b/c I don't think I'll get that in this lifetime.
    *1998 Donruss Production Line*

    1993 Upper Deck gold hologram
    1995 Action Packed 24 k auto
    1995 Finest refractor
    1995 Predictor silver
    1995 Upper Deck electric diamond gold
    1996 Leaf Gold Press Proof
    1996 Leaf Bronze press proof
    1996 Circa Rave
    1996 Leaf Signature gold press proof
    1996 Leaf Signature Platinum press proof
    1996 Leaf preferred Press Proof
    1996 Select Atrist Proof
    1996 Summitt Artist Proof #154&#171
    1996 Studio gold proofs
    1996 Diamond Destiny Gold
    1996 Zenith Artist Proof #93&147
    1997 Select Quasar
    1996 Select certified Blue
    1996 Select certified Mirror Blue&red
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