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  1. Hi,
    I have a bit of a problem... mmyers1978 has a thread on the baseball transaction board, and we came to an agreement for me to purchase a Yadier Molina Topps Black and an Allen Craig Topps Chrome Orange Refractor. The agreed upon price was $10 dlvd.
    I paid via Paypal on Feb. 25, but have not received the cards. I've approached him about it twice via private message and he's had an excuse twice as to why I have yet to see the cards. He hasn't been able to provide me with a delivery conformation number, and this past Monday he said, via private message, that he would refund me the Paypal "as soon as possible." Needless to say, I haven't received a refund.
    I'm not the only person that has had trouble getting cards from him. Within the thread on the baseball transaction page, two other traders/buyers have publicly asked where their cards were.
    I just wanted to bring this to your attention.

    Thanks for your time!

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