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    Buying Don Mattingly Cards - Wantlist

    I have the 90 Classic promo
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    WTB 1979 Topps Marc Hill #11

    I finished a mint 1979 set several years ago, and the misprint on the Marc Hill card has always bugged me. The black printing plate left smudges by his name and caused a "double vision" effect near his face. I've seen graded 9s and 10s with this flaw, so I assume the clean cards are rare if the...
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    WTTF Looking for Andre Dawson - post your want lists

    WTTF Andre Dawson cards. Interested in all years. Also interested in tickets and memorabilia. I have a number of misc commons from 1967-2008. Lots of 1967. Mostly standard set products. Also many stars from 1967-1992. A lot of Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Griffey, ARod, and Ripken for trade. If...
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    1967 Topps - Fake Seavers

    I'm down to two cards to finish my 1967 Topps set. I can only afford a low grade Seaver, but would prefer not to pay a premium for a graded card. Does anyone have any tips to distinguish a legitimate low grade card from the plethora of low grade fakes?
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    FT WTB / WTTF 1967 Topps High #s

    UPDATE: Set completed.
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    1967 Topps High Numbers - What was your toughest card to find?

    Every '67 Topps collector has a different story about their toughest card. What was yours? A clean, affordable Shellenback is eluding me.

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