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  1. A_Pharis

    *************TUESDAY MORNING THREAD 1/5/21***************

    Let’s not make this a habit.
  2. A_Pharis

    ****Good Morning MONDAY 1/4/20****

    I assume I get a pass on the donuts?
  3. A_Pharis

    ****Good Morning MONDAY 1/4/20****

    Thanks, man!
  4. A_Pharis

    ****Good Morning MONDAY 1/4/20****

    Oh, man. Last year would have been amazing. I’ve laid off live sports updating quite a bit.
  5. A_Pharis

    FS THE RECOLLECTION COLLECTION - 100+ DK Autos! Sandberg, Puckett, Ripken ++

    It didn’t. My wife talked me out of it. I sold pretty much everything else card-wise. I did break the Bo Jackson out for the resident collector, but I sort of regret it.
  6. A_Pharis

    ****Good Morning MONDAY 1/4/20****

    Some bearded a-hole. I say we beat his arse.
  7. A_Pharis

    ****Good Morning MONDAY 1/4/20****

    Hey! Long time!
  8. A_Pharis

    ****Good Morning MONDAY 1/4/20****

    Well well well...
  9. A_Pharis

    FS THE RECOLLECTION COLLECTION - 100+ DK Autos! Sandberg, Puckett, Ripken ++

    This listing is for what has been consider the definitive Diamond King Recollection Collection. It was featured in Beckett's Super Collector issues back in 2011. There are over 100 autographed buybacks spanning 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Donruss DLP products as well as buybacks from 2014...
  10. A_Pharis

    December Pickups

    Some scrubs.
  11. A_Pharis

    News Outlets confirming that Jose Fernandez has died.

    https://twitter.com/cbsmiami/status/780030659829993472 RIP. Early morning boating accident.
  12. A_Pharis

    FS 2005 Bowman Chrome RC Superfractor Taylor Tankersley

    Asking $55.00 Delivered. Thanks, everyone.
  13. A_Pharis

    Vintage amateur flannel experts (is there such a thing?) - help me identify this, please

    May be minors. May be independent. May be high school or college. I just figured it was worth a shot to try to ID. Thanks
  14. A_Pharis

    What is your most unique baseball item (non-card)?

    One of mine is a Dizzy auto, too! (I bought it out of envy of the Coke tag)
  15. A_Pharis

    What can you tell me about this Jordan promo?

    5x7 Numbered to 2500 Bag is sealed by a UDA sticker. Can't find any sort of pricing info.

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