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    Fanatics to take over MLB trading card license?

    While it appears to be a distasteful money grab ..... I don' blame the MLB + MLBPA agreeing to get on board for joint exclusivity. [and NFL + NFLPA and so on] The hobby itself has a problem with the unlicensed product being put out there by Panini, which is entirely a result of the non...
  2. abide

    Fanatics to take over MLB trading card license?

    the monopoly is blamed by some in the hobby for pack / box prices becoming unaffordable. I'm not sure I agree. I think that demand, in particular speculation demand, is driving up the cost of wax. Topps is increasing prices because they see demand greater than supply, and hey also see the...
  3. abide

    Fanatics to take over MLB trading card license?

    I agree, 2005 was a great year, and the few years before that. Personally, I went for 05 Topps Finest everything + 05 Donruss Throwback Threads Polo Grounds inserts + 05 Donruss Prime Patches relic cards However, lets remember that around 2002 we have the explosion of sticker autos, which by...
  4. abide

    SHowoff your Topps Finest White Frame 1/1 Cards

    looking for 2005 White frame and Superfractors. Anybody looking to trade / sell, LMK
  5. abide

    Looking For: Topps Black Flagship /** parallels of Cincinnati Reds 2003-present

    do you have any duplicate 2012 Topps Black /61 ?
  6. abide

    The National - (Chicago, IL) thread

    I'm at a booth helping out a friend. Selling high end. Cards, 50% graded, 50% basketball. Mostly modern.
  7. abide

    The National - (Chicago, IL) thread

    Hanging out at booth 436
  8. abide

    The Radicards® Thread

    Got a Frank here for you. 2020 Tier 1, silver ink auto /10
  9. abide

    The Radicards® Thread

    Patrick, I'll be looking for you at the National later this week. Bob
  10. abide

    Dilferules's 1988-present Oakland A's autograph thread

    Jeff Larish [2010] has exactly 1 certified MLB card and it's an auto: 2009 UD Signature Stars -IMP-JE - Impressions [AU - as a Detroit Tiger] He appeared in 101 games over 3 seasons, mostly Tigers, 24 with the A's as you mentioned [and it's an unadvertised short print, and a triple auto card...
  11. abide

    MLB Showdown Collectors/Collections?

    in your review of all the cards for the master set, I don't see "1st edition" as a separate or parallel set, in the years that there were 1st edition cards put out how do you look at 1st edition?
  12. abide

    MLB Showdown Collectors/Collections?

  13. abide

    Question for Yankee fans/ trade gurus

    Mark Melancon not a star, but very solid has had a few good seasons as a closer, 3x all star, up to 221 career saves, real nice run 2013-2016 had an ERA of about 2.00 over about 300 appearance / 300 IP having a great season this year with 16 saves for the Padres already, on track to another 50...

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