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  1. athletics07

    FS Ken Griffey, Jr. - 1998 Elite Status & Diamond Axis XXX Proofs

    I had thought I already unloaded all of my 1998 Griff Executive Proofs but found these stashed with some graded cards. I've never seen a 2nd copy of any of these cards, true for any of the 1998 Executive Proofs actually. *The surface grade on the CC Diamond Axis is the impression on the back...
  2. athletics07

    FS Anybody want to takeover my little Vlad PC?

    1996 Leaf Signature Platinum Press Proof /150 1997 Bowman's Best Mirror Image Inverted Refractor 1997 Donruss Elite Power Alley Die-Cut 223/250 1997 Donruss Signature Millennium Marks 0159/1000 1997 Donruss Signature Century Marks 038/100 1997 Flair Showcase Row 0 Legacy Collection 080/100 1997...
  3. athletics07

    FS 1999 Molten Metal Fusion Titanium Partial Set (15)

    I'd prefer to move these together for ease...these are tough. $450obo.
  4. athletics07

    FS '98 Bowman Chrome Golden Anniversary Refractors (/5)

    Hey guys, I'm going to be working through a massive downsizing (note: not a desperate sell off) of my collection for simplicity's sake, so, I may as well start at the top with my Golden Anniversary Refractors. I'm sure any interested parties are aware of the recent drama surrounding the sheet...
  5. athletics07

    FT Rare 1990's McGwire's

    Looking to swap these Cardinal McGwire's for Athletic McGwire's from the 1990's. 1998 Aurora Pennant Fever Platinum Blue #25 (#'d 021/100) 1998 Bowman's Best Mirror Image Fusion Refractor w/Travis Lee #MI12 (#'d 049/100) 1998 Donruss Elite Prime Numbers #3A (#'d 307/387) *Only 87 non-die-cut...
  6. athletics07

    FS COMC Port

    Is up for BO, if interested. Original list price, $1,669.20 http://www.comc.com/Promotions/Port_Sale/athletics07/Port_Sale/78159 Sales pace, from last few months: August 2016 $133.65 3 July 2016 $240.58 41 June 2016 $163.43 40 May 2016 $106.18 28 April 2016 $301.74 25
  7. athletics07

    This guy seems legit.

    Excited much? I hope this isn't the mouschi approach:D! Legit or not; straight to block. Hello Please Look at My %100 POS Feedbacks.... Just so You Know that Im For Real. Ok!! I Will BUY this AROD (right Now)- For $35.00 free Shipping. But I cant Send PAYPAL to You TIL Tuesday. I tried To...
  8. athletics07

    FT Palmeiro '98 Red Crusade CTA & '97 Finest Embossed Gold Refractor

    I have duplicates of these cards and looking to swap for other names from the same sets.
  9. athletics07

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Just came across this from the January '98 Beckett and figured it topical. Wouldn't this statement from Pinnacle contradict the supposed fact that there are announced print runs?
  10. athletics07

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    The mailday is HERE. The MAILDAY is finally here. I'll admit, I was dissapointed in the picture choice. I bought them unseen (and paid WAY too much) but was hoping for something like this brushing up against the CTA type, his classic follow through. Would've been PERFECT! Well. Here they are:
  11. athletics07

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Picked up a lot of '98 Class 2 Red Labels /50. I don't know if anyone's been on the hunt for any of these and while I plan to keep most figured I can always shave some off my buy in if someone needs something.
  12. athletics07

    COMC - Have they increased their condition submission standards? Perplexed.

    So, I had a shipment sent to me and included were some cards returned to me as "damaged" from a recent submission I sent in. Now, I understand that they don't accept "damaged" cards but I'm having a hard time determining how they came to that conclusion. Most of the cards in question are from...
  13. athletics07

    COMC shipment stolen.

    Hey Guys, long shot but I'll throw it out there. Had a COMC shipment delivered today that never was. The package should have fit in my locked mailbox but it's possible that the mail man decided to put it on the porch with a large box amazon order delivered today (also missing). I decided to have...
  14. athletics07

    Feeding frenzy: '96 Leaf Preferred Bronze Steel

    http://www.blowoutcards.com/forums/baseball/787193-1996-leaf-preferred-steel-bronze-promos-34-total-looking-whos-interested.html Good luck!
  15. athletics07

    Show off your best 1990's pack pulls from 2013!

    Meant to do this about a month ago but it's never too late! Has to be cards pulled direct from '90's product in the past year... My hidden treasure of 2013: 1998 Topps Stars Rookie Reprint Auto, Johnny Bench 1999 Stadium Club Co-Signers, Clemens/Castilla 1996 Finest Refractor (B), Derek...

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