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  1. Austin

    set builders .. what's your best set

    1958 Topps. It was my Dad's favorite set as a kid, so I started building it about 15 years ago so he could relive it.
  2. Austin

    2022 Topps Baseball Preview

    I agree it looks like Bowman. Kind of plain too. But better than this year's ugly design. I miss how Topps used to be bold with their designs. Everything these past few years look like they were designed by a sterile computerized random generator.
  3. Austin

    Huggins and Scott Auction House

    It was Liberate Baltimore. Here's a post he made on FCB: https://www.freedomcardboard.com/forum/threads/huggins-scott-auctions-job-opening-assistant-auction-coordinator.132580/
  4. Austin

    Sportscard bid policy update

    The topic is about eBay.
  5. Austin

    MrMopar's First* Annual Baseball's Back Contest - No true winner, but dano7 & aanewport are WINNERS of consolation prizes!

    Well I'm likely done. Trout's out 6-8 weeks with a calf injury.
  6. Austin

    Target and Wal-Mart no longer selling retail sports cards as of today, 5/14. Thoughts?

    Don't get your news from Youtube. Walmart confirmed it's still selling sports cards. It's only Target.
  7. Austin

    Albert Pujols DFA'd

    Hopefully St. Louis signs him in September so he can get a proper farewell.
  8. Austin

    Best Youth Baseball Catchers Gear

    And yet again a spam post stays on the board all day without a mod deleting it or even noticing it. :/
  9. Austin

    Pitching today...

    You missed Shohei Ohtani. Throwing a one-hitter and crushed a home run so far today.
  10. Austin


    At least it's free stimulus money.
  11. Austin

    Autographed baseball books

    Danny, have you read Richardson’s other autobiography, The Bobby Richardson Story, that he wrote in 1965 while he was still playing? Great book. He wrote it a year before his sudden and surprising retirement at age 30.
  12. Austin

    The greatest team photo in the history of team photos

    I think that's Reggie with the helmet on, head down, second row, laughing with Yogi.
  13. Austin

    MLB wants to know about your favorite card

    I submitted the 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson. Beautiful rookie of my all-time favorite player and the first major rookie card I bought as a kid. I never get tired of looking at it.
  14. Austin

    Only took 27 years to get this card.

    Cool card. I’ve never seen those before.

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