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  1. baberuthfan

    April pickup thread

  2. baberuthfan

    Recent pickup

    Haven’t had one in a while. Boy have I wanted one for a long time. Old national league ball with 4 signatures but only one I cared about- Jackie Robinson. Ball is psa and I think the Robinson autograph looks really nice.
  3. baberuthfan

    Huge Ruth pickup by trade

    Made a trade with tony (mlbsalltimegreats). I received this great babe Ruth button card Ruth buttons are so hard to find especially an away button. I have been looking for years!! This card goes great with its brother that I have - home button Thanks for the great trade tony.
  4. baberuthfan

    Newest hof pickups

    Not the typical hofers but still in the hof Joe garagiola Red barber Vin scully Ernie harwell Harry Caray Other announcers I want next Mel Allen , jack buck , harry kalas and bob uecker any other announcers I should add?? Thanks
  5. baberuthfan

    Newest HOF autograph

    It's on a older national league ball. Not single signed - has one other signature on it but it displays as a single signed at least. It comes psa dna certified. Here it is. Roberto Clemente
  6. baberuthfan

    2 huge hof pickups

    Just happened to stumble across these. Wasn't really looking for them but couldn't pass them up. Wagner is on a national league ball and is psa/ dna The cy young is on an American League ball and is jsa certified Does have an inscription by cy young on the sweet spot
  7. baberuthfan

    Best Ruth cut ever

    Boy I wish I had the money for this card. An absolute beauty when cards were done right. This card in my opinion might be the best Ruth card ever- including bats jerseys buttons patches barrels - anything !! Just saw it on eBay - only saw it in Becketts before today
  8. baberuthfan

    20/21 babe Ruth cards complete

  9. baberuthfan

    New hof pickup

    Picked this up. Love vintage signed baseballs. A great dodger legend Walter Alston On a old national league ball with a full jsa letter
  10. baberuthfan

    Unusual babe Ruth pickup

    Picked this up from the babe Ruth museum. I already had a brick from Fenway , Yankee stadium and wrigley ( for his called shot) so I figured getting a brick from the house he was born in would be a cool addition. It is not a big dollar item but I love it. It is $29.99 with free shipping. Anyone...
  11. baberuthfan

    Stupid ink color question

    Just wanted to know what color ink you guys thought this was. Blue or black?? I am very ocd on ink color on modern baseballs and for some reason this ball I can't figure it out
  12. baberuthfan

    Sketch cards

    I know some don't like sketch cards but I think they are really neat and unique if done properly. Here are sketches I have gotten over the years - all on topps or leaf blanks
  13. baberuthfan

    Newest hof pickup - 500hr club member

    Jsa certified oal ball of hof member and 500 hr club Jimmie foxx. It leaves me only mel ott left for the club which is another tough autograph to find. Foxx isn't on the sweet spot but it takes up the whole side panel in blue ink and looks great!! Jimmie is a real undervalued player- 3 time mvp...
  14. baberuthfan

    Another hof pickup- an old timer

    Even though I just got the Gehrig I saw this and couldn't pass it up. It is of Cornelius McGillicuddy But some know him as Connie Mack. It is on an American League ball. Single signed in blue steel tip pen- jsa authenticated. It also has a cool story with it- the sister was selling her...
  15. baberuthfan

    Big HOF purchase

    It is an American League ball that has bill dickey , heinie manush, Rick Ferrell and Tony lazerri and some other guy.... Love this ball. Wanted a Gehrig for so long but it is rare to see one that can be displayed as a single signed and Gehrig rarely signed on the sweet spot- reserving that...

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