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    My Entire Vintage Collection from 1887-1952

    Beautiful stuff and your passion for the hobby and history of the game oozes out of your words. Try to forget whatever u think u lost in the current market because it got you to your current collection and I’m sure still one of the nicer canseco collections. There will still be opportunities out...
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    MySlabs doesn’t mess around

    Forums, Whether jbdb forum or sports cards isn’t social media. As u were @dragonwheel.
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    MySlabs doesn’t mess around

    I’m too lazy to get anything graded let alone hoops they make you jump through. In my mid 30s and I’m not on any social media. I cultivate real relationships with lcs and dealers at card shows. I know I should get involved with hobby people online but between turds in the hobby and post office...
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    Does anyone have any insight into the current state of the USPS?

    Received a vintage football in 3 days after purchase this last week. Illinois to upstate ny. Seems some mail is getting better while others are still stuck in holiday purgatory. Every time I drive by any post office in area lines are out the door.
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    Doing things the right way may not be worth it

    Don’t buy stuff on credit unless you pay off same month. My lord they need to teach finance in high schools. We are talking about baseball cards, not essentials. Yes, we are in a bubble right now if this is occurring regularly.
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    I’m wondering...is there any evidence that graded card values are being manipulated

    Don’t have any idea of the current manipulation In card market But it’s been going on since I joined eBay in 1998 as a young teenager in some form or another. Think Of guy who collected all those curt flood cards. I assume the price for that card will crash when guy dies because cards would be...
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    Does anyone have any insight into the current state of the USPS?

    Received a letter from Florida that was postmarked dec 9th yesterday. No bueno, thanks trump, covid and holidays!!!!
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    Hank Aaron has passed away

    35 year old braves fan from upstate ny. Rest In Peace “Hammer”. You were 100% class and perhaps most dignified ballplayer Of all time.This one hurts. Niekro, and also Sutton recently. (I’m 35 so only knew sutton as braves broadcaster on TBS).
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    Sports illustrated and programs advice

    Went over and spent another hour plus change going through more boxes. Spent 70 bucks on 28 publications. Some hockey and soccer programs. Couple more 70s no label si’s, late 70s regional college basketball mags and some 1970s nfl prologs (official annuals, bulky but don’t see them often and...
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    Favorite Inexpensive (Junk Era) Inserts

    More things change the more they stay the same.
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    Favorite Inexpensive (Junk Era) Inserts

    Somewhere I have the topps black gold abcd winner that was redeemed. Felt like king of the world when entire set arrived as I was 9 years old.
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    Sports illustrated and programs advice

    Thanks for reply mr mopar: Like collecting and even reading the publications. Never sold anything and don’t plan to anytime soon. I am 35 and through the years I have found programs from Mjs final college game, hank setting new hr record and a bunch of cool stuff. About a 1/3 of mag I pick out...
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    Sports illustrated and programs advice

    Looking for any advice: Have an associate that I have bought few hundred dollars of stuff through the years at flea market, local toy show and garage sale. He lives a couple streets over so we see each other few times a year and I always am friendly. I have overpaid for some stuff and gotten...
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    Recent slab pickups / grading

    Always cool stuff. Probably my favorite thread. The home opener souvenirs are def great cards and up there with fleer ex credentials as some of best of all time.
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    The Cleveland Baseball Team

    Over due. Braves fan here though and wonder if they are next. Took away chief noca-homa in 1988. from upstate ny but have been embarrassed by some fans’ behaviors whether in atl or elsewhere when I’ve gone to games. Should prolly change it to Atlanta barves or Atlanta crackers.

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