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  1. BiggioBrooks755

    How to store graded cards?

    Hey all I dont really like graded cards 1. Because I dont feel like they are that different than a regular card (except in special cases) and 2. they are hard to store I store the few that I have (gifts from people) in a box that checks used to come in but can only fit 2 more in there and I am...
  2. BiggioBrooks755

    After 7+ years...COMPLETE!!!!!

    Hey all, Havent really been posting alot, and havent really gotten any cards at all the last couple months since I have been saving up for a different car HOWEVER.. predatorkj sent me a message a couple days ago saying he had something for me and asked for my addy This morning I found a...
  3. BiggioBrooks755

    Whats the difference?

    Finally trying to finish my checklist and came across these: 2015 Topps Dynasty Autograph Patches Emerald #APCB1 Craig Biggio 2015 Topps Dynasty Autograph Patches Emerald #APCB2 Craig Biggio 2015 Topps Dynasty Autograph Patches Emerald #APCB3 Craig Biggio 2015 Topps...
  4. BiggioBrooks755

    Google Docs/Sheets Problems?

    Anyone esle having problems with Google Docs/Sheets? I go to my checklist and it says "Still Working" or "Trying To Connect" and it wont let me edit it? Been doing that for a couple days Thanks
  5. BiggioBrooks755

    Dee Gordon suspended

  6. BiggioBrooks755

    Stadium Giveaway Dates?

    Hey all Is there a way to figure out the game a stadium giveaway was given? I think the Astros Smokey was a SGA and if I can figure out when it was given I can find out if the Biggio exsists
  7. BiggioBrooks755

    Slide rule

    Can someone please explain this new slide rule? The Brewers-Astros game just ended on a slide rule out or something?
  8. BiggioBrooks755

    Anyone know what happened today in baseball history?

    It involves Hank Aaron....
  9. BiggioBrooks755

    HUGE Thanks to NECpilgrims8!!!!

    WOW!!! Came home to find this from Adam, which included a note saying that he couldnt sell this cause of the way it was cut, and thought it would be perfect from my PC HELL YES IT IS!!! 1999 Black Diamond Mystery Numbers Emerald #M30 #ed 20/30 THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! NECpilgrims8
  10. BiggioBrooks755

    What is this?

    Got this Biggio from COMC and cant find any Leaf Anniversary #ed to 500 Thanks
  11. BiggioBrooks755

    2015 Bowman Chrome-No ReFractor Label?

    Hey all I got a 2015 Bowman Chrome RC Card Flashback Frank Thomas, and I really have no idea if its a ReFractor or not... Does it look like a ReFractor? Yeah Does it say Refreactor anywhere on the card? No I know almost every other card I have that is a refractor says it somewhere on the...
  12. BiggioBrooks755

    Package "lost"

    Hey guys and gals, I had a package sent from Texas, and now its in St Paul, Minnesota.... Your item was forwarded to a different address at 11:12 am on December 28, 2015 in SAINT PAUL, MN. This was because of forwarding instructions or because the address or ZIP Code on the label was...
  13. BiggioBrooks755

    Thanks to...?

    Got 2 Biggios in the mail, and Im not sure who they are from One is a 1998 Topps Tek Pattern 36 and the other is this (I think) 1997 Bowmans Best Mirror Image Inverted #M18 Vladimir Guerrero/Craig Biggio/Donnie Sadler/Chuck Knoblauch Could be wrong but I still love mail and want to thank...
  14. BiggioBrooks755

    Sad news for a HOFer

  15. BiggioBrooks755

    Tommy Hanson in a coma

    http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/eye-on-baseball/25368558/former-braves-angels-pitcher-tommy-hanson-in-coma Sad story, hoping for the best No other details on what happened at this time

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