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    NT Cowboys Quad Signature Book #'D 4/5

    #'D 4/5
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    '13 Panini America's Pastime Case HITS

    Notable hits, Roberto Alomar 1/1, Strasburg redemption, Ryu redemption...
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    1/1 Roberto Alomar '13 Panini Pastime

    1/1 Roberto Alomar from '13 Panini Pastime case, also hit a Strasburg redemption, pics of other hits to follow
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    FS 1/1 Andrew Luck '13 Limited

    Andrew Luck 1/1 '13 Limited Spotlight... $150 DLVD http://[URL]http://s1363.photobucket.com/user/bigtexasbreaks/media/IMG_1318_zps5c5329ee.jpg.html"][/URL[/URL]]
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    WTB WTB DeAndre Hopkins auto

    Looking for DeAndre Hopkins autos, parallel autos etc...
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    '12 Valor HOT box; LUCK, FOLES, T-RICH

    HOT box, LUCK, FOLES and T-Rich autos pulled at BigTexasBreaks from same 2012 Valor box.. http://s136.photobucket.com/user/bigtexasbreaks/media/HITS/IMG_1126_zps75ae944f.jpg.html"][/URL]
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    '13 Tribute 1/1 Bryce Harper Eye Black Auto

    Insane pull at BTB 2013 Topps Tribute 1/1 Bryce Harper Eccentric Eye Black on card Auto; Player worn Eye Black has "220" inscription Adam Jones '13 Topps Museum #'D 1/5
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    '13 Limited 8-Signature card, and LUCK 1/1 same case

    '13 Panini Limited 8-Signature, and Luck 1/1 pulled from same case at BTB http://s1363.photobucket.com/user/bigtexasbreaks/media/IMG_1324_zpsf29e2d24.jpg.html"][/URL] http://s1363.photobucket.com/user/bigtexasbreaks/media/IMG_1325_zps31a157dd.jpg.html"][/URL]...
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    '13 Sterling & Chrome HITS - Tavon, Hopkins, Patterson, Lattimore

    Solid pulls last nite at BigTexasBreaks... Tavon Austin Prism #'D 13/15
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    '13 Topps Five Star Break - Griffey, Wright, Kaline

    Sick pulls last nite at BigTexasBreaks...
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    '13 Topps Five Star box breaks - Kershaw, Hamilton

    '13 topps five star box break, all are FS on ebay ID matadortx

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