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  1. bongo870

    Phillies Pick Up Thread

    small mail day (48/99)
  2. bongo870

    Looked and described as sealed, but...

    nope. Someone was in there
  3. bongo870

    Phillies Pick Up Thread

    crud I missed it...
  4. bongo870

    May pickup Thread

    small retail pull today
  5. bongo870

    May pickup Thread

    todays pull
  6. bongo870

    Don’t be like this guy

    The main point is that they sent a card that didn't get damaged. Yes it was sent bad but he got his card and in good shape. What do you do? smack a negative and say shipped bad even though the card looks great? Someone bought a card and they got the card to them unharmed so they did there part...
  7. bongo870

    May pickup Thread

    I pulled this years back. To bad it wasn't Phillies.....
  8. bongo870

    When Bigfoot rides a White Whale into your mailbox.

    congrats on the find. You say the card is identical of the normal one except the stat lines? I wonder if people trashed some thinking they were the reg. card not knowing it is a rare card...
  9. bongo870

    Don’t be like this guy

    if the card arrived in great shape you can only leave a positive. Maybe ding him on that rating on shipping...
  10. bongo870

    Project Topps 2020...

  11. bongo870

    Best pull I've ever pulled

    comming from a Griffey collector SWEEEEEEEET!
  12. bongo870

    1983 Topps Traded Darryl Strawberry card

    easier said than done sometimes
  13. bongo870

    April pickup thread

  14. bongo870

    April pickup thread

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