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  1. Boo Radley

    FS Mid-'90s Michael Jordan PSA Graded

    Ending tomorrow. Including a low-pop Topps Embossed. Thanks for looking! https://www.ebay.com/sch/xanaduforrent/m.html?_trksid=p3692 Arthur
  2. Boo Radley

    Official Error and Variation Discussion/Reference Thread

    Fresh meat. The Ryan King of Kings has a color variation on the front. The banner and name box can be found in tan (most common) and copper (least common). So far, I've only found the copper with the corrected 665 back. Arthur
  3. Boo Radley

    1996 Leaf Collector's Edition Autographs

    I should probably add pictures. The cool thing about it is he signed it #8, which obviously wasn't a number he stuck with for long.
  4. Boo Radley

    1996 Leaf Collector's Edition Autographs

    Looks like this forum doesn't get much action but I might as well post this, you never know. I recently picked up one of these sets as part of a collection and it came with a Leaf Gold Rookies Marvin Harrison card that I assumed was signed TTM or at a show or something. It was a cool bonus but...
  5. Boo Radley

    1987 Fleer Brown Backs

    I grab '87 Fleer Glossy sets to rip every now and then. The last few that I've ripped have each had a card in them that seemed to have been printed on brown card stock. The fronts are exactly the same in terms of color and gloss, even the backs are the same in terms of feel, but the color is...
  6. Boo Radley

    1990 Donruss Bo Jackson Diamond Kings Redone i Explanation

    Some of you may recognize me as the sicko from the '90 Donruss thread that has devoted an unhealthy amount of time and energy on documenting and discovering errors and variations in the 1990 Donruss set. What has grown into a list that probably now surpasses the 1991 Topps set for most possible...
  7. Boo Radley

    Call me nuts: putting together a MASTER SET of 1990 Donruss

    With the help from my friend Todd, I've been hitting this set hard the past few weeks. After he discovered the Howard Johnson All-Star and Rick Reuschel All-Star variations, I decided to sit down with the 300-400 All-Star cards I have and go through them with a loupe. Sure enough, we've got new...
  8. Boo Radley

    WTB 2010-2013 Bowman & Bowman Chrome Henry Owens

    I'm pretty well covered on the base but have a lot of other holes to fill with refractors/color/autos. Not interested in any non-Bowman/BC cards at the moment. If anyone has anything they're looking to move just shoot me a PM or post here. Thanks! Arthur
  9. Boo Radley

    The Official Boxing Card Thread

    Here's a 1951 AJ Donaldson Sugar Ray Robinson A 1951-52 Denia card of Sixto Escobar. One of the few (if only) "playing days" cards for this IBHOFer. The set is from Puerto Rico and has some expensive baseball cards in it as well.
  10. Boo Radley

    Show off your best 1990's pack pulls from 2013!

    I've just got one that I can think of to contribute. 1998 Topps Stars Bonds Galaxy Gold 20/50
  11. Boo Radley

    What are the production numbers on 2013 Bowman Chrome Prospect photo variations?

    Sorry if this was covered somewhere. I did a quick search on the board and couldn't find anything. Does anyone know the production numbers (or ballpark how tough) on the 2013 Bowman Chrome Prospect photo variations? Thanks in advance for any help. Arthur
  12. Boo Radley

    The Official Boxing Card Thread

    Not sure if there are any other boxing card collectors on the board but thought I would start a thread sharing some of my collection and hopefully others can chime in and share some of theirs as well. Guess I'll start with Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis, as Dempsey is the fighter that got me hooked...
  13. Boo Radley

    A few questions about case breaks

    First, I'm pretty new so if I put this in the wrong spot, my apologies. Someone let me know and I'll delete and start a new thread in the correct area. So I'm thinking about getting involved in my first case break and thought it might be a good idea to inquire with the board on what some do's...

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