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    Obscure player collections?

    I have a few... Not so obscure, but kind of contrived: Frank Joseph Thomas ('50s/'60s All-Star), well, because he's Frank Thomas. Likewise - and more obscure - Frankie Thomas, '80s minor leaguer for the same reason. Jamie Arnold, Braves 1st rounder in '92 - he dated my aunt in high school, so...
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    Why did COMC raise their shipping from flat rate $4.99 to possibly free, to best case scenario $8.99?

    I also have $4.99 shipping available still. That said, my understanding is they're running with half of their regular staffing in order to comply with COVID prevention orders.
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    This was my dream card as a kid. I had always looked for cards serial numbered 35, but didn't find my first until 1998 thanks to eBay. Then, roughly 20 years post-production, this card was pulled and listed on eBay immediately there after. Thankfully I was online at the time.
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    1997 Donruss Preferred Tins - Fanfest?

    Here's my Frank:
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    The "Social Distancing - Shelter In Place - I'm Lonely & Bored" Card Contest

    Best I can think of for Big Frank: Though he may look more like this at the end of shelter in place:
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    The Super Sweet Early 00's Thread

    Finally landed one of these at the end of 2019.
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    Oakland Athletics Collectors Thread

    I will always love the A's for giving Big Frank a chance in 2006 and again in 2008.
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    The Super Sweet Early 00's Thread

    I agree, the early Donruss are the best.
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    The Super Sweet Early 00's Thread

    Grabbed a Diamond Cuts with a piece of Frank signature awhile back.
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    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Just a quality control issue. There are at least 4 foil variations I've found (3 for the promo), and I've heard there is also a silver foil variation.
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    So if you could have 1 item back that you used to have, what would it be?

    Not a Jose collector, but loved the WS patch...miss this card.
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    Frank Thomas collectors thread

    Thanks! I was stoked to find a 1987 Team USA era signature with the "36". I recently found another era I'd been looking for; 1989 Sarasota White Sox, complete with "30" inscription.
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    Frank Thomas collectors thread

    Just got an order back from PSA myself.

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