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    RIP eBay bucks

    This is surprising to me because eBay is starting to face competition from places like Facebook, MySlabs, and Instagram where people more and more are selling and buying outside of Ebay to avoid their ridiculous fees. Now they give people just another reason to avoid them.
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    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Did anybody win this Epix Emerald lot about a month ago? I would be very interested in the Barry Larkin if he or she is willing to sell. Thanks!
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    Doe anybody know katieneack ?

    Does anybody know the freedomcardboard user katieneack ? I've been trying to private message him and I don't think he's been activate on this site for quite some time. I'm trying to reach out to him about some possible trades. He's got a lot of dublicate Larkins I would be interested in.
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    What's the best/key product to get of football players nowadays?

    Before Panini won out as the sole card company for the NFL, the key cards to get of players were from either Playoff Contenders and Topps Chrome. So what is it now? For example for 2017, is it Playoff Contenders Auto or Playoff Contenders Optics Auto or Panini Prizm auto?
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    WTB WTB: Rare Barry Larkin 90s Inserts

    If they are rare or short printed I want 'em.
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    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Did anyone pick up the following 1997 Totally Certified Platinum Gold or the 1998 Leaf Fractal Materials Z2 Axis Barry Larkin on ebay recently? I'm bummed I missed out on these and I'd pay a premium if anyone is interested in selling.
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    The Top 20 Toughest 90s Pulls

    Below are the Top 20 Toughest 90s Pulls, based on stated pull odds. What I mean by stated is these are pull odds that were either printed on the packs or hobby boxes. I gathered most of this info from baseballcardpedia.com. So while I'd agree that a pull like a 1999 Fleer Tradition Starting...
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    Top 10 Lowest Serial # Inserts of the 90s...that are not 1/1s.

    Love that idea. I was thinking the same thing. Here's my contribution. I need to fix my scanner, but here's a temporary pic for the possible project. Anyone good at photoshop? It would be cool to put this together.
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    Top 10 Lowest Serial # Inserts of the 90s...that are not 1/1s.

    I thought this list was fun to put together. Post pictures of any you have. EDIT: Thanks to some input from members I added a few that I missed and the Top 10 has been pushed to Top 25...a lot of /10s added. Here are the Top 25 lowest serial # inserts/parallels from the 90s, that are not...
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    Wish you at least had a picture?

    Are there any cards on your most wanted list that you can't even find a photo of? Mine are the 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold Barry Larkin and the 1998 Donruss Crusade Red Barry Larkin. I can't even find a photo on Worthpoint. Does anyone have a photo of these cards? What are your missing...
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    Your Top 10 '90s Want List

    What are your Top 10 cards on your want list from the 90s in order of most desired? I believe there’s an old thread of a top want list, but that was from all years. This is for 90s collections only. Hopefully, this can help people keep track of other members wants while we keep an eye on our...
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    Opinion: '98 Totally Certified Plat Gold or '99 Brilliants 24kt

    Came in the mail yesterday. Shine is unreal.
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    Opinion: '98 Totally Certified Plat Gold or '99 Brilliants 24kt

    I have the opportunity of picking up a 1997 Pinn. Totally Cert. Platinum Gold Larkin PSA 9 or a 1999 Fleer Brilliants 24kt. Larkin PSA 9 for roughly the same price. Neither one is cheap. Which would you guys pick up? My gut is telling me 24kt. There's been only 1 ever sold on Worthpoint's ebay...

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