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    Old time member memories

    Man what a blast from the past. I mostly posted on the football boards but was a frequent lurker all the way back to the BMB days. Still active in the hobby but haven't been on FCB in probably 6-7 years. Great to see all too familiar sn's and avatars! RIP Rudzud - remember tuning in for his...
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    Your favorite YouTube Subs

    Over the past few years I've become somewhat addicted to the content of several YouTube channels, but am always looking to find the next hidden gem. Feel free to share your favorite channels/subscriptions with the rest of us. A little description of what it is would be helpful. Here are a few...
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    USPS tracking - down for anyone else?

    For two days now I'm receiving the following error message when I enter any tracking number via USPS's track and confirm. 'Sorry, the tracking system is having technical difficulties. Please try your search again later.' Anyone else having this problem?
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    Weekly Pickup Thread 9/28 through 10/5

    I always enjoyed seeing everyone's new pickups in the old weekly pickup threads, so I thought I'd start it up again. Feel free to show off your new additions. :) Some Dufex goodness. I really like the look of these. A seller on eBay has quite a few of these Vanguard parallels for cheap...
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    Rolling football pickup / mailday thread - Show off your new additions

    I always enjoyed seeing everyone's additions in the old the weekly/monthly pickup threads so thought I'd start it back up. Feel free to share and show off your new additions. :) I'll start it off with a few semi-recent pickups from last year's NT. Completed these two mini-rainbows. Base...
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    Logo Bingo: We have a Blackout! Game Over

    Bingo! Row 2: Harrisburg Senators (W 6-0) 6/5 -- Seattle Pilots (Heritage logo free) 6/5 -- Baltimore (L 8-0) 6/8 -- Fort Wayne TinCaps (W 8-5, with affiliate SD Padres W 6-2) 6/5 -- MLB logo (Free) 6/5
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    The Simpsons Tapped Out

    If you're using Android just select it from your app list and it'll have a box to uncheck to disable notifications. I'm not sure about iOS. Btw, I just added you. :)
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    Show off some Cris Carter

    I guess they came out as thumbnails. Also had this drawn by the brother of Frank (theothercutch). What happened to that guy?
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    Show off some Cris Carter

    I don't currently have access to my collection and flickr appears to have issues, so I'm limited to what I have on my laptop/phone. #'d 1/6 Signed 'Duke'
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    And Twins! (The Twins talk and pick-up thread).

    I agree, these look great. I had this Oliva signed in gold paint pen.
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    FCB Tech Help?

    Just tap the middle button with the camera image on it when you reply and select an image from your gallery.
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    Free Mountain Dew Halo 4 Mega XP code

    Code from a 24 pack & can be redeemed at dewxp.com. YZANXNPC7M Sent from my DROID RAZR using Sports Cards by Freedom Card Board.com
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    Gypsy Queen blaster & clamshell of 2011 Bowman

    Stopped by Walmart & decided to try a blaster of GQ, having never opened any before. Also grabbed one of those 3 pack clamshells of 2011 Bowman for ~$8. The GQ blaster yielded the following: Ty Cobb & Tony Gwynn SP's Future Stars: Freeman, Pineda Hallmark Heroes: Nolan Ryan, Clemente Sliding...
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    Shout out to Frank (theotherCUTCH) & his brother - Drawing

    HUGE shout-out to Frank's brother, who is an amazing artist, and Frank (theotherCUTCH) for the seamless transaction. After seeing some of his other works, I msg'd Frank to see if his bro would be up for one of CC in this pose. Got this in the mail today and am just floored by his talent...
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    2007 Topps Heritage set needs

    Base cards: 3, 5*, 8, 9, 10, 17, 22*, 23*, 25, 27, 28, 29, 31*, 32*, 33, 36, 41*, 42, 46, 49*, 58*, 59*, 60, 62, 68*, 69, 70, 71, 72, 77*, 78, 79, 86*, 94*, 96, 99, 103*, 104*, 107, 112*, 113*, 118, 119, 121*, 122*, 123, 126, 130*, 132, 139*, 140*, 147, 148, 149*, 156, 158*, 159*, 160, 161, 162...

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