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  1. chippernate

    October - New Arrivals Thread

    Just grabbed this monster
  2. chippernate

    AIC TCG 1&2 - 2020 Topps Gold Label - open

    Checklist just got posted
  3. chippernate

    Rolling topps.com Exclusives thread: Sapphire Ed 9/30

    I got my box! Auto checklist isn’t too great, no Lewis for whatever reason. But I’m excited to just finally open a box of sapphire
  4. chippernate

    Reds/Braves extra innings!

    Good god man please just score 😭
  5. chippernate

    Reds/Braves extra innings!

    Game is killing me haha
  6. chippernate

    September pick ups/pulls

    Haven’t been buying a ton, saving up for a big purchase, but this popped up, was sold, then relisted by the buyer, but couldn’t sell and price kept dropping. Found him selling on reddit too and made a deal there for it, probably overpaid but don’t really care I now have the opening day...
  7. chippernate

    My All-Time Braves Autographs

    Haha I’ve seen one of those a while back, been a minute since I’ve seen it though
  8. chippernate

    My All-Time Braves Autographs

    Some of my nicer recent additions. The five star Acuña is pretty much perfect and will probably be going to BGS soon. The purple Soroka puts me 2 away from the rainbow, just missing the /5 and 1/1, haven’t seen either surface yet
  9. chippernate

    AIC TCG - 2020 Bowman Chrome - very soon!!

    If anyone wants to sell their Braves autos, shoot me a message!
  10. chippernate

    AIC TCG - 2020 Bowman Chrome - very soon!!

    They get ransomed off so you get one team you pick, one random
  11. chippernate

    AIC TCG - 2020 Bowman Chrome - very soon!!

    Going to sit this one out
  12. chippernate

    AIC TCG 1/2 - '20 Allen & Ginter - breaking 9/17

    Whoever gets Braves in TCG 1 as your random, if you want to sell that half of your slot I’d be open to buying it, if that’s okay Andrew?
  13. chippernate

    TTM/IP autographs for September 2020

    First one back in a while. Brad Komminsk 1/1 185 days sent to his home in Westerville, OH #213
  14. chippernate


    Sanders 9 Marino 9 Smith 9 Farve 10 Davis 10 Elite James 9 Edge James 10

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