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  1. DaClyde

    *** February 2020 Pickup Thread ***

    My old friend the saved eBay search turned up another treasure this week. I wasn't aware that the Giants had updated the yearly Fan Fest photo card design in the past 5 years, but then a lot popped up featuring Matt Herges, Rich Schu, Curt Young and the Bam Bam featured here. Very similar to...
  2. DaClyde

    The Cleveland Baseball Team

    Welcome back your ... Cleveland Spiders!
  3. DaClyde

    A question about Topps oddball brands during the junk wax era.

    Toys R Us always had a pretty big sports card selection in the late 1980s. I remember seeing the Topps Leaders, Coins and Big there, along with of course the TRU Rookies boxed sets. I only remember seeing the Topps UK and Donruss All Stars at hobby shops or from dealers at shows and flea...
  4. DaClyde

    Derrick Jeter R & N China porcelain silver 1993 rookie card

    I have only ever seen a silver Jeter, I've not seen a silver version of any of the other 1993 cards. I think the Jeters were from an entirely separate offering from the regular 1993 cards.
  5. DaClyde

    Derrick Jeter R & N China porcelain silver 1993 rookie card

    I think the only year they allegedly made the whole set was 1993. The other years just seem to be limted to certain superstar players, or the teams that went to the World Series.
  6. DaClyde

    What is the story on STAR cards from the 80's/90's?

    Both Beckett and SCD did a poor job of documenting the Star Glossy minor league team sets. I think TCDB.com has them all listed as one of the members used to work for Star. I had one sneak up on me for my Tuffy Rhodes collection, as no one had documented a glossy set for the Columbus Mudcats...
  7. DaClyde

    Player collector doldrums

    I've been stalled for ages in my Roberto Kelly collection. The remaining cards aren't even 1/1 territory, but they might as well be as they're largely 1999-2000 Pacific color parallels. What is frustrating is that I'm sure most of them are buried somewhere in Burbank's warehouse, years away...
  8. DaClyde

    Obscure player collections?

    I've been collecting Hensley Meulens since 1989. Missing four cards that I know of, one of those Leaf cut autos /4, his only pack-issued auto card from Japan /34, a team issued card that was only given away at Giants signing events and a back-doored 1990 Upper Deck 25th anniversary buyback...
  9. DaClyde

    Just passed 2,000 different cards for a player collection

    Still about 50 cards short of 2000 for my Winfield collection. I need to get back into trading and see if I can close that gap with all the recent parallels issued in the last few years.
  10. DaClyde

    Jesse Barfield/Mark McGwire Card

    There were a LOT of these from about 1987-1991. Bizarrely, Topps even sold whole cut card cases of them, along with blank backs and blank fronts. Kruk Cards used to sell them for like $200 for a box of something like 8000+ carrds
  11. DaClyde

    1993 Topps Porcelain cards?

    Even a cursory search of eBay contradicts your 1000 theory. 32 Don Mattingly, Yankees, #/1000 116 Mark Lemke, Braves, #/1000. 224 Sid Bream, Braves, #/1000 565 Jerald Clark, Rockies, #/5000 This is my saved search, mostly trying to track the 1993 cards, and trying to filter out the others...
  12. DaClyde

    1993 Topps Porcelain cards?

    Never seen the 1994 magnets before. I doubt all of the set was produced, either. A lot of the commons I've seen are still listed on eBay or completed and didn't sell. I did snag the Roberto Kelly for my player collection.
  13. DaClyde

    1993 Topps Porcelain cards?

    https://clydes-stalecards.blogspot.com/2010/10/1993-topps-r-china-porcelain-baseball.html So far, I have found evidence (meaning I've actually seen a scan or photo) of 145 of the 825 total that would make up a 1993 complete set. I have yet to find any piece of advertising media explaining how...
  14. DaClyde

    Ticket Stubs

    When I started running out of reasonably prced cards to collect of my players, I started looking for ticket stubs from their first and last MLB games but I really don't want to drop more than $10-15. Got a few so far. But once people realize what the stub represents, up goes the price, even...
  15. DaClyde

    Don Mattingly

    Not at the rate he's going. He wasn't getting in on his playing career, and his managing career is getting worse each year since he left LA.

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