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    Why can't a 3rd Party candidate win?

    I was talking to my buisness partner today, who is a die hard republican, about politics today. He is voting for Romney even though he doesn't agree with most of what he is stands for. I told him to take the Isidewith.com quiz and he was surprised to see he had a high precentage of agreement...
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    So how fast are you?

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    Autograph help please

    My business partner found some stuff going thru his Dads desk and brought them to me since he knows i am a collector. Had a few baseballs this is the only one that still is legible. I recognize a few of the names. Looks to be a Brooklyn Dodgers team signed ball. Also had a photo album filled...
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    98 Crusades listed on COMC?

    There is a seller that listed a lot of 98 Crusades on COMC. Has them listed as samples. I don't recall ever hearing about Samples of these but I wasn't collecting hard. Are they legit?
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    96 Finest series two 97 Finest Series one

    Picked up these from the local shop on sale got 3 refractors from each
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    Hit a milestone, Just got my 100th different certified auto

    Doing some scanning and realized I just hit 100 different Ozzie autos! here are the latest ones Donruss Diamond King 1 of 1 2006 Fleer Greats 2003 SP Legendary Cuts /25 2005 Recollection auto /3 2004 SP Authentic 2005 Donruss Classics 2009 Legendary Cuts /25 2010 Triple threads and this...
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    Sammy Sosa's corked bat up for auction

    Interesting read. I don't think it will get 15k to 50k though. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/ba ... 3284.story
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    2010 Exquisite?

    I won this card on ebay awhile ago. Just now getting around to scanning it in but can't find anything about it on Beckett Did they release Exquiste this year? This is the only one I have seen on ebay
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    1995 Pinnacle Pins

    Does anyone have a scan or pic of what these look like. Not talking about the redemptions but the actual pins. thanks for any help
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    2 Jumbo 2010 Bowman boxes

    Will Myers auto Slade Heathcott Auto Felix Doubront auto Daniel McCutchen auto Craig Clark auto redemption and these
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    Nice surprise from the LCS

    Went in to pick up some 2010 Topps and the owner hands me this. I spend a good amount of cash there and will usually shoot the shit with them for awhile. Nice of them to think of their customers like this.
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    Busted 2 hobby boxes of 2010 Topps

    I haven't gone thru the base to see if I have a full set yet or not. History of the Game 5 First WS 8 Baseball hits the airwaves x2 10 Ruth sets Homerun record 11 First AS Game 12 First night Game 13 Ruth Retires 14 first HOF class 15 Jackie Robinson plays first game x2 16 First televised WS 20...
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    Box of Topps Unique

    Dual auto numbered /25 The Zimmerman is 01/25
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    What would this grade lol

    http://cgi.ebay.com/MICKEY-MANTLE-1952- ... 286.c0.m14

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