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  1. darocker80

    Giants Vs Cardinals NLCS

    Should be a good series. Proud of my Giants for making their 3rd NLCS in the last 5 seasons. With two rings of course :)
  2. darocker80

    WTB Looking for a 2011 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper Auto

    Will trade, card+cash, and possibly purchase one base chrome auto
  3. darocker80

    Upcoming Young Yankee Star to collect/follow?

    Hello FCB community, I am moving to Manhattan on Sunday and I am thinking about picking up just one sports team to follow and softly root for while I live in New York. My best friend growing up is a Yankee fan, so I have decided to softly root for the empire (ya i know..). I am wondering who...
  4. darocker80

    WTB Buying Buster Posey Parallel and Numbered RCs

    Paypal ready Buying: Autographs -2009 Buster Posey Bowman Auto $40 each -2008 Bowman Sterling Buster Posey $45 each -2008 Buster Posey Bowman Chrome Base Auto $110 each. -2008 Buster Posey Bowman Chrome Refractor Autos $215 each -2008 Buster Posey Bowman Chrome X-Fractor Auto $300 each -2008...
  5. darocker80

    FS 2000 Topps Chrome Traded Miguel Cabrera RC SP BGS 9.5 $200 shipped

    I can get a picture tomorrow
  6. darocker80

    FS/FT Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor RCs for Sale/Trade

    Only looking for Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner Bowman Chrome Auto Variations and Buster Posey 2010 Bowman/Chrome RC parallels Unscanned: Micah Johnson Bowman Chrome Auto Brandon Belt Bowman Chrome Auto Joe Panik Bowman Chrome Auto Jose Abreu Bowman RC Sergio Romo Bowman Chrome X-fractor...
  7. darocker80

    Bid Shilling

    I am not really familiar with shilling, but does this looked shilled? http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&item=251643760074&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2565 The person with 628 feedback (the one i think is shilling) has a 21% bid activity with the seller. Is this shilling?
  8. darocker80

    FS Selling Hunter Pence Gold Refractor Auto $150

    Looks gradeable
  9. darocker80

    Most Dominant Pitchers of Each *Half Decade

    The Giants are playing the Dodgers this series and I'm dreading tomorrow's game vs Kershaw as he has been hands down most dominant pitcher of the last five years. So it got me thinking, who have been the top 5 most dominant pitchers of each half decade since the new century? Id love to see...
  10. darocker80

    How to sell a rainbow?

    Out of curiosity, if you had a rainbow (Either Bowman Chrome or Finest) Rc, would you list it on eBay as a rainbow or individually?
  11. darocker80

    WTTF Looking for Posey RC

    I got some paypal, bowman chrome RCs, prospects, etc.
  12. darocker80

    BGS 9.5 9 Auto...What would you do?

    I just picked up a Buster Posey Bowman Chrome Auto BGS 9.5 but with a 9 auto grade. Would you crack the BGS slab or keep it in there?
  13. darocker80

    Top 50 Bowman Chrome Auto RC

    What would your top list look like? This list is ranked with the weight more heavily focussed on the success of the players career, with a little weight of the value of the card. No Kris Bryant doesn't deserve to be on the list on account he hasn't even reached the Majors yet... *Not sure if...

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