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    Sean Connery Has Passed Away

    Rest in Peace Sean Connery!
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    *****GOOD TUESDAY Election Day MORNING***** 11/3

    Voted by mail over two weeks ago.....
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    Cool young card collector’s story here...

    Mailed a few cards a few days ago! Best regards, David
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    *****GOOD SUNDAY MORNING***** 11/1

    Good morning everyone! Nice day to watch football or do the backyard! Best regards David
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    Card hunting at Target, Wal-Mart etc

    I checked Target on Thursday.....and no new baseball at all!
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    70's music

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    70's music

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    70's music

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    70's music

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    Official FCB PLAYER COLLECTORS List--Collectors Welcome!

    Those Soto and Tatis Jr. cards are super hot!
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    70's music

    Bad Moon Rising!!
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    70's music

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    *********SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 8/23************

    No lawn in front of the house or back......only plants or trees around the house. Best regards, David
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    *********SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 8/23************

    Three days.......in the winter only once..... I only water when it starts getting into the 100 tem....normally hand water two of the three days......I use about 1,700 gallons.....normally house use 16,000 gallons...so even if they go to stage 3 the requirement is only 7,800.00 gallons....so I...
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    And Twins! (The Twins talk and pick-up thread).

    Last year the in playoffs...but got beat by the Yankees........doing well this year...

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