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    d2r's 2019 Atlanta Braves road to the World Series chit chat thread

    Last night I made a great sacrifice to the Baseball Gods by burning my sealed 1990 AND 1991 Donruss factory sets (with the puzzle pieces!) and using them as firewood as I danced and hollered around the flames while on peyote, dressed as an Indian with tomahawk in hand. Had I not been on peyote I...
  2. death2redemptions

    d2r's official 2019 Atlanta Braves compulsive posting team chat thread

    Like an idiot I missed most of game 1 cuz I was playing the Switch and time just flew by...I tuned in right before the pen gave up that grand slam. Not missing game 2! Inciarte got the ball rolling with a leadoff triple and Freeman later drove him in.
  3. death2redemptions

    2018 Topps Update Hobby Case Break

    Autographs Topps Salue Autograph SA-TB Tyler Beede 1983 Topps Anniversey Autograph 83A-MC Mike Clevinger Black Parallel #d 19/99 83A-WA Willy Adames Relics Own The Name Nameplate Relic OTN-CM Carlos Martinez 1/1 MLB Postseason Logo Manufactured Patches PSL-EH Eric Hosmer Gold Parallel 99/99...
  4. death2redemptions

    Predict the 2018 Postseason Outcome Contest & win a grip of BC autos + vintage lot 1969 Mantle

    Predict the 2018 Postseason Outcome Contest & win a grip of BC autos + vintage lot 1969 Mantle Okay guys, this contest is really, really simple. All you have to do is predict which two teams will make it to the World Series & who wins. As a tiebreaker round in case two or more contestants...
  5. death2redemptions

    Night Crew *October 2018* POSTSEASON CONTEST EDITION

    Alright folks, I was given JVHaste's blessing to start this month's Night Crew thread so I thought I'd start it off with a contest since we've got four teams in the NL playing a 163rd game of the season. If anyone can predict the final scores for both tie breaker games & then simply who wins...
  6. death2redemptions

    The "Who are your not-too-early Award Winners prediction" discussion thread

    Okay guys, we did something like this last year and considering the fact there is only a week left of baseball, I don't think it would be too early to make our predictions. I suppose some players could have a really hot or cold final week that could shake things up but you could just assume the...
  7. death2redemptions

    Sean Manaea tosses first no-hitter of 2018

    And it was a dandy - 9 IP, 0 ER, 0 H, 2 BB, 10 K Against the Red Sox too!
  8. death2redemptions

    The Official 2018 Atlanta Braves Season discussion thread

    Our 2018 season opened up with a blast...a Markakis walk-off blast to be more specific! I hope to see many more of these types of games this season. The biggest highlight of our season will likely be the call-up of Ronald Acuna & what will come from it...good or bad...he will be discussed...
  9. death2redemptions

    The ever-so-slowly 2018 Topps Heritage case break

    Finished ripping the case. It was fun but nothing to brag about. In regards to the "hits", I would not call them exciting. I beat the odds by pulling 3 autos but they were all duds. The relic cards weren't mind-blowing either, although the McCutchen '69 Mint #d /15 was interesting. There were a...
  10. death2redemptions

    Spring Training standout performances/breakout prospects/stuff you wanna post

    Just wanted to start a thread where you can feel free to post anything you want pertaining to Spring Training. There are no limitations but in case you wanna see some examples 1. Stats that have caught your eye in regards to a player 2. Prospects having a good/bad Spring 3. Match-ups you are...
  11. death2redemptions

    Starting Pitchers you believe are destined for the HOF

    Baseball is back and with all the excitement I thought I'd kick it off with an opinion piece. I was curious to hear who (if anyone) among the active starters you believe will end up in the HOF. I currently have a list of 3... 1. Justin Verlander 188-114, 3.46 ERA (3.47 FIP) 2545 IP 2416 K/771...
  12. death2redemptions

    Your 2017 AL MVP?

    With the season coming to a close I'm interested in sparking another intelligent baseball debate. Or you could just pick an option from the poll I created. Who do you believe is most deserving of winning the 2017 AL MVP? I was trying to think of 5 players to include in the poll but only four...
  13. death2redemptions

    Will Aaron Judge become the new rookie HR champ?

    Aaron Judge just hit his 47th & 48th home runs today. With 7 games left he needs just one more to tie it and two more to break the rookie HR record previously held by Mark McGwire in 1987. Mark McGwire 1987 Season - .289 avg/.370 OBP/.618 slg% 49 HR, 118 RBI, .987 OPS (5.1 WAR) Aaron Judge 2017...
  14. death2redemptions

    2017 AL Cy Young: Chris Sale or Corey Kluber?

    The AL Cy Young award has pretty much boiled down to either Chris Sale or Corey Kluber (I suppose one could argue Severino could be a dark horse candidate). Who do you believe will end up winning it? 2017 Season Stats Chris Sale 17-8, 2.90 ERA (2.45 FIP) 308 K, 0.97 WHIP 214.1 IP, 7.16 K:BB...
  15. death2redemptions

    Brewers lose their ace Jimmy Nelson for the rest of season in midst of postseason push

    http://m.mlb.com/news/article/253386250/brewers-jimmy-nelson-to-miss-rest-of-season/ This is terrible news for the Brewers, Jimmy Nelson (and my fantasy team) :( He was injured diving headfirst back to 1st base. After receiving an MRI scan Saturday morning it revealed he had a partial labrum...

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