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  1. DeliciousBacon

    Project Topps 2020...

    Two days ago, I finally got my George Brett Grotesk from mid-May. Yesterday, I got another package from Topps. It was....a George Brett Grotesk. Anyone else get a double shipment? And does this mean someone out there just didn't ever get theirs?
  2. DeliciousBacon

    Project 2020 Jeter card #59 is shipping..

    Anyone notice the sale prices of the Artist Proofs have tripled? Originally, the APs were $99.99, now Topps has them for $299.99. Hopefully the artists are getting a bigger cut of that!
  3. DeliciousBacon

    Project 2020 Jeter card #59 is shipping..

    So it's been less than a week and the Brett Siff has dropped by well over 50%. Top sale was an auction that ended on 5/24 for $1290 (two BINs the next day for $1299, but it looked like the same card from the same seller, so that's weird). One ended yesterday at $480. Still decent, looks like...
  4. DeliciousBacon

    Player Collectors 1500+ Club

    I now have five players in my 1500+ club: Troy Glaus (2132), Scott Rolen (1714), Jim Thome (1689), Todd Helton (1602), and Nomar Garciaparra (1538). All of those probably have another 25 or so that I haven't counted yet.
  5. DeliciousBacon

    Project 2020 Jeter card #59 is shipping..

    I have the first two George Bretts in hand, and the fourth (by Grotesk) on the way. I was planning on getting the whole run of Bretts but I missed the Tyson Beck, and I'm not getting it now. These have all gone absolutely nuts; two weeks ago, the 1st Brett (Gregory Siff) was going for around...
  6. DeliciousBacon

    All-time Milwaukee Brewers Autograph Project

    I just figured out after a year and a half that Sean Maloney (3 games with the 1997 Brewers) lives on my mail route! I thought I knew all the MLB players from RI but I'd actually never heard of him before.
  7. DeliciousBacon

    2012/2013 Prizm Prices

    I'm sure part of it is the bizarre logic that makes people pay $100 for Trout's 2012 Heritage because it's his "Heritage Rookie Card!". But it seems to extend towards his base Bowman and Topps Chrome, so maybe collectors are just getting off on Chrome more than ever before.
  8. DeliciousBacon

    Cecil Fielder isn't a Hall of Famer....is he?

    He got one vote in 2004 and was promptly booted off the ballot forever.
  9. DeliciousBacon

    Nomar Garciaparra's cards - Any room for growth?

    I probably have one of the largest Nomar collections here, and I doubt a single one of them will appreciate significantly in the future. Maybe a 1998 Tek Diffractor, I have one, but that's it. On the whole, I think only rare 90's Nomar inserts will eventually go up, not because of the player...
  10. DeliciousBacon

    More $1 box gold

    There's a record shop in my area that has a box of assorted sports cards for $1. A while ago, I picked up one of those 1993 Ted Williams Juan Gonzalez autos. Right around the same time, I picked this up, assuming it was a fairly common item: An unrelated ebay search showed me that this is a...
  11. DeliciousBacon

    Anyone get anythis good from Heritage?

    I got this:
  12. DeliciousBacon

    Ted Simmons and Marvin Miller have been elected to the Hall Of Fame

    I'm surprised they're the only ones off that list who made it in, but both are well-deserved!
  13. DeliciousBacon

    Anyone breaking 2019 Donruss?

    Pulled the Whammy! and the Ichiro from the samebox, one pack apart!
  14. DeliciousBacon

    The oddest card-related thing happened to me today...

    Gallery was restocked at a few of my local Walmarts. I don't go to Walmart other than the cards, so when I get there for a restock, it's a very rare occurrence. I cleaned out the fresh pile of Gallery rack packs, and opened them in my car in the parking lot (just can't wait to get them home!)...