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delsant2's latest activity

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    Just learned about a soon-to-be death in the family. I very well may disappear for a little bit, or I may attempt to keep some sense of...
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    2006 Upper Deck. Wright has his own card, as well as a checklist card. The first card is from Series 1, and their set went; base, Gold...
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    That sounds very possible, and I wouldn't be surprised.
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    I was also going to post these with the Turkey Reds above, but I was a bit confused about the year this set was released. Anyway, below...
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    2006 Topps Turkey Red. Have them all here. Base (grey), Red, White, Black, and Gold. Unlike 2005, the Gold this year was not serial...
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    delsant2 replied to the thread Mets Pick Up Thread.
    Picked this fellow up a few days ago. I didn't have one of these, and a reasonable buy-it-now price popped up. I had passed on a few...
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    2006 Topps 52. I have the four from this set below. Base, Chrome /1952, Chrome Refractor /552, Chrome Gold Refractor /52. 2006 Topps...
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    Going to trudge through all the SP cards, on my way to something more interesting once I reach Topps. 2006 SP Authentic. The base card...
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    Oh totally, they are pains for sure. And sure, side by side, it is a bit easier to tell the Blue from the Emerald. I got a pretty good...
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    Another day of threes (with one plate for kicks). 2006 Flair Showcase. AT least we have some short printed parallels here :) Base...
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    So, unlike 2005, 2006 doesn't have a ton to offer in terms of cool cards and fun parallels. Like I said before, Wright is featured in a...
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    delsant2 replied to the thread Mets Pick Up Thread.
    Couple of pickups from the last month or two.... I don't normally go for booklet cards, alas, here are two newer ones. Both 2007...
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    And my Topps related stuff.... 2006 Topps. There's the three basic cards (four including the 1/1). Those would be the base, Gold...
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    2006 Finest. So for this release, there were Refractors and X-Fractors of many colors.....also, lots of different serial numbering for...
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    Oooooo, those do look nice like that! I need me a scanner! Thanks and ditto, nice Red over there. Fellow good 3B who's career was...