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  1. deujr61

    AIC TCG 1&2 - 2021 - openings

    Will try Cardinals in TCG 2 for up coming Heritage, Please.
  2. deujr61

    Topps Redemption Screwing **OP UPDATE

    Received two replacements that I did not request and was screwed. Called Topps Customer Service (Ryan) this morning and was told replacements are final. Asked to talk with Supervisor and got the run around in meeting not available etc, etc. Redemption # 1 - 2012 Five Star Dual Signature Patch...
  3. deujr61

    2017 Topps Chrome Hobby 4 Boxes

    Received my 4 Hobby boxes from Topps yesterday. Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4
  4. deujr61

    Mod Please! Delete

    Mod Please! Delete
  5. deujr61

    St. Louis Cardinals Collectors Thread

    Don't show things off to much but, I received this beauty from Topps today.
  6. deujr61

    2006 Sweet Spot Signatures Rainbow of sorts Complete! Yadier Molina

    Had the eight in scan. Received the Black Stitch Black Ink today to complete rainbow.
  7. deujr61

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SATURDAY MORNING THREAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Morning! Everyone must be sleeping in.
  8. deujr61

    ********** The Saturday Morning Thread **********

    Good Morning!
  9. deujr61

    WTB / WTTF Yadier Molina

    Looking for mostly lower serial numbered stuff. Will purchase or try and trade. So, Let me know what you have.
  10. deujr61

    Mailday! Yadier Molina PC Style

    These all came in yesterday 3/21. Very happy to add them to the Yadi PC. The Hometown Currency Relic is #2 /5, of course Bat Knob #1 /1 and Heritage Gold #4 /5.
  11. deujr61

    My Incredible PC Mailday: Yadi & Stan Style - I am seeing Red too!

    Could not believe this Yadi showed up on Ebay 'Buy It Know'. Probably paid more than I should have. But, It goes great with these . Then I took a chance on another Ebay item a 1962 Topps Stan Musial and it goes very nicely with these . Thanks! for looking.
  12. deujr61

    Do these 2 Yadier Molina Auto cards exist?

    Cards in question are 2005 SPx Superscripts #YM Yadier Molina #/15 & 2006 Ultra Autographics #YM Yadier Molina. I have never seen either card. Would love to if anyone has one. Also, of course I would be interested in obtaining if you do have either card.
  13. deujr61

    2007 Artifacts & Sweet Spot Signatures (Black Friday)

    Opened 2 boxes of each. Not bad but, nothing that really stands out. All are available except Thomas, Rivera, Cabrera and Martinez. Sorry! about large scans forgot to reduce them.
  14. deujr61

    2012 Leaf Metal Baseball Giveaway!

    Sorry! Andrew Heaney 55/99
  15. deujr61

    '12 Bow Chr RC Auto Checklist

    Is there one yet?

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