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  1. domino2012

    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/25

    Good morning! (evening for me now LOL)
  2. domino2012

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Thanks. Indeed, the Mays is really nice. A bit of chipping but very common for the 62 and I can live with it. :)
  3. domino2012

    Recent slab pickups / grading

  4. domino2012

    Recent slab pickups / grading

  5. domino2012

    Recent slab pickups / grading

    So, I sent in 25 cards to SGC on the 22nd of Feb (received the 25th) and yesterday got an email saying my cards are on their way back. VERY COOL. Here are the scans. The modern stuff is to sell to fuel my vintage addiction. The Bascketball card is from a "Vintage Breaks" break and the Pokemon...
  6. domino2012

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Yesterday's Mays (Mail) day. I don't normally go BVG but the centering on this card is great. Couldn't resist. And I sent these in to SGC 10 days ago and they are already on their way back. :)
  7. domino2012

    ****Good Morning TUESDAY 1/21/21****

    Hello everyone. Have a nice day. (I as well like the snow when dressed properly) LOL
  8. domino2012

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    New Mays mailday.... I'm slowing down due to the soaring prices... only 7 left for the base run. Have a nice day! :)
  9. domino2012

    *****GOOD SUNDAY MORNING***** 12/20

    :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Not sure I'll be singing tonight. LOL. Opening the Champagne in 5 minutes but I seriously doubt any singing will be involved this evening.
  10. domino2012

    *****GOOD SUNDAY MORNING***** 12/20

    Thank you very much! :) About to hit the Champagne. :)
  11. domino2012

    *****GOOD SUNDAY MORNING***** 12/20

  12. domino2012

    *****GOOD SUNDAY MORNING***** 12/20

    Hey there everyone! Hope you're all doing well. :)
  13. domino2012

    You know what ebay needs?

    That's hilarious. I agree with the idea. Great idea actually. Another thing that Ebay could do (but will never happen) lower their fees. :) Have a nice day everyone! ;)
  14. domino2012

    2021 Collecting Goals

    I would like to finish my Willie Mays run (missing the following years: 60, 62, 63, 64, 69, 70, 71)... PSA or SGC 8 for all of them except 60 (7), 62 (6 or 7), 71 (7). I think I will be able to do that... then I'll get some "key" cards from the 50s and hopefully finish some of my low numbered...
  15. domino2012

    December - New Arrivals Thread

    So.... this beauty just arrived. I also picked one of these up.... not sure if I should open or hold. I bought it to open and hope for a nice hit but now I'm not sure anymore.

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