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    Ticket Stubs

    I have no qualms about saying it, I would love to find a May 24, 1989 ticket stub for the Braves vs. Pirates, David Justice's debut. No luck in several decades of searching - it doesn't help that there were probably only 3,000 people there lol (official attendance was just under 6,000)
  2. EtherealSOC

    You know what ebay needs?

    Not a bad idea. You can block sellers but blocking items might be a good move, especially if sellers got feedback on how many people had block their item, and the reason why.
  3. EtherealSOC

    Favorite Inexpensive (Junk Era) Inserts

    Here are some of my favorites: 1994 Pinnacle The Naturals 1994 Church's Show Stoppers 1995 Score Hitters Inc. Platinum 1996 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractor 1996 Pacific October Moments 1994 Leaf Gold Stars
  4. EtherealSOC

    Error cardlme

    I'm a David Justice supercollector and I'm interested, but I wouldn't pay more than a couple bucks. Let me know if you want to make a deal.
  5. EtherealSOC

    From Tanner, card memes

    Eric Davis?
  6. EtherealSOC

    What is the story on STAR cards from the 80's/90's?

    I've thought about that. Probably very true, and they probably think it won't be worth their while to dig for them. I just hope one more surfaces at this point.
  7. EtherealSOC

    What is the story on STAR cards from the 80's/90's?

    I hope no one minds that this is the second time I'm posting this on this thread (the last time was four years ago), but I'm still chasing the 1992 Star Ad Card of David Justice. Considering it has a current book value of $1 I will pay an obscene amount for it, even do cash and trade together...
  8. EtherealSOC

    Turner's consequences???

    I realize Covid is serious and it is reckless to expose your teammates for the sake of a WS celebration, but he had already played nearly and entire ballgame with these guys so presumably the damage was done. Going out for the celebration probably didn't make the risk of transmission...
  9. EtherealSOC


    1992 Star Co Ad Card David Justice. The earliest card on my wantlist and one of only four cards from Justice's years with the Braves that I don't have. Book value? $1. Would gladly buy it for $40 today.
  10. EtherealSOC

    Reds/Braves extra innings!

    So glad we came out on top, but we had no business winning that game. 21 strikeouts is ridiculous.
  11. EtherealSOC

    What do you do with base cards?

    Between 2003-2013 I gave away over 1 million base cards in lots of 20K-50K cards on a local yard sale website. I could never sell a huge lot of cards worth $200 for $20, but I always had folks lining up for junk cards for free. Personally, I love base cards, especially 2015 and up. I sort my...
  12. EtherealSOC

    Obscure player collections?

    As a spinoff to my David Justice collection I started a small PC of Drew Denson (d. 2014) who was from the same city, one year older, and drafted one year earlier by the Atlanta Braves. Denson only played in 16 MLB games and I'm lucky enough to own one of very few of his game-used bats, and it's...
  13. EtherealSOC


    You started this post with a memory so I'll contribute one too: Back in Grade 7 (1994) my science teacher took some cards out of a Tuff Stuff magazine and laminated them to use them as student rewards. It only happened once or twice that year, but the students who did well on a pop quiz could...
  14. EtherealSOC

    New Errors Discovered in 1995

    Great suggestion. I studied abstract expressionists and it totally changed my mind on these cards. You are sitting on a gold mine.

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