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  1. finestkind

    FS player and team lots

    Wow...what did you trade to get all that ?
  2. finestkind

    what the heck???

    Good to hear it worked out for you.
  3. finestkind

    Black licorice is bad for you

    How many people here like the stuff ? Not me ! The article say's jelly beans are not good for you either. I love jelly beans ...
  4. finestkind

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Nice !
  5. finestkind

    *****MORNING THREAD 9/23 **********

    Barry, just look at he waist. That will cure you. :ROFLMAO:
  6. finestkind

    Giving your change away ?

    Back in the 80's. My wife and I used to donate money to the multiple sclerosis society. When we needed help from them. They brushed us off and didn't help at all. :mad:
  7. finestkind

    ******MORNING THREAD 9/22 ---------------

    Thank you.
  8. finestkind


    I wouldn't buy a card that was laminated. It doesn't look right. I don't collect autographs. But, if I did and knew the autograph was 100% real and would keep it and never sell it. I would laminate them. They wouldn't fade or get damaged. Most other people would say the autograph is ruined.
  9. finestkind

    ******MORNING THREAD 9/22 ---------------

    Sorry to hear of the lose of your grandfather.
  10. finestkind

    Giving your change away ?

    I was back in CVS a few days ago to pick up more meds. They have an electronic checkout at the register where you enter your phone number for a CVS discount. It does ask on the machine if you want to round off your purchase to the next dollar value. It does say the money will go to the American...
  11. finestkind

    ******MORNING THREAD 9/22 ---------------

    Thank you
  12. finestkind

    ******MORNING THREAD 9/22 ---------------

    Thanks guys.
  13. finestkind

    ******MORNING THREAD 9/22 ---------------

    I'm dreading the 25th of Sept. Like I have been the past few weeks. It will be one year since my wife passed away.
  14. finestkind

    ********SATURDAY MORNING THREAD 9/19**************

    In Massachusetts, you need a license to go fresh or salt water fishing.
  15. finestkind

    **********MONDAY MORNING THREAD 9/21***************

    I hope he was a big kid going thru school with a name like that. :LOL:

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