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  1. fordman

    *****THURSDAY MT*****7/15

    I was amazed at the places that people made to live in out of junk (scrap sheet metal and wood pallets) but had a 2018 F150 in the drive way. Asked at a truck stop if those were hunting getaways or something like that. They told me that people live in them so they can get assistance for their...
  2. fordman

    *****THURSDAY MT*****7/15

    Morning All! My baseball season is over. Been a nice ride. We won the Cincinnati Knothole Championship - 15U division. Fall baseball will start up in September but until then, I'll just watch on TV. Went on vacation to Arizona and Utah since we're down at work for microchip shortages. Both...
  3. fordman

    *****WEDNESDAY MORNING THREAD 6/16/21*****

    Morning All! Been extremely busy with baseball. Umpiring 2 games a night for the last 2 weeks as we’ve been pummeled with rain. Trying to squeeze a whole season in about 3 weeks. Not much happening on the hobby front for me as not much available of my guy that I don’t already have or it’s way...
  4. fordman

    After 10 years this Ruth set is complete

    Wow! Congratulations for finishing the set. I’m willing to bet as well that you have the only completed set. Fordman Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  5. fordman


    Morning All! Big day here at FoMoCo. We learned that a transmission that was scheduled to end its life cycle got a reprieve. There is a European version of the Ranger that transmission will go in to. We’ll build around 1000 per day for the next year or so. This move retains around 300 jobs...
  6. fordman

    *****GOOD WEDNESDAY MORNING*****4/28/21

    Morning All! On layoff because the computer chip shortage in the auto industry! I'm going to enjoy my 2 weeks (possibly longer). Fordman
  7. fordman

    *****GOOD SUNDAY MORNING*****4/25

    We don't have to wear a facemask under our plate mask but in between innings we have to. I try to do my best to not hover over the catcher as much as I used to. Teams still don't high five or give the end of game handshake. Fordman
  8. fordman

    *****GOOD SUNDAY MORNING*****4/25

    Afternoon All! Umpired a game yesterday in the rain. We started the game with a light sprinkle. After the 2nd inning, it was a steady drizzle but not downpour. I stopped the game, told the coaches we'll suspend the game but neither wanted to come back at a later date or time to finish it, so we...
  9. fordman

    *****GOOD SATURDAY MORNING*****2/24

    Morning All! DeGrom's making a case against the DH in the NL. On 2 week layoff from work due to the computer chip shortage. Gonna enjoy it! Baseball umpiring today for 2 games and then dinner. Enjoy All! Fordman
  10. fordman


    I still have the card Razor made for me. Odd this thread was brought back from the dead. Maybe check ebay for custom Canseco cards to see if someone lifted the designs. Fordman
  11. fordman

    ****Good WEDNESDAY Morning 4/21/21*****

    Morning All! Snow here in Cincy, unbelievable! My PC guy retired on Sunday but my collection goes on. He’ll probably be in Series 2 or update. More likely update. Hopefully his card prices drop and I can pick them up cheap. Enjoy All! Fordman Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board...
  12. fordman

    *****GOOD MONDAY MT***** 3/15

    Morning All! 55 yesterday, 40 today, 62 tomorrow. The weather roller coaster continues. Fordman Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  13. fordman

    *****GOOD FRIDAY MORNING***** 3/12

    Morning All! These keep popping up on my Facebook feed. I might buy one to donate it to my kids school. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  14. fordman

    *****GOOD THURSDAY MORNING***** 3/11

    Afternoon all! Fordman Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  15. fordman

    *****GOOD WEDNESDAY MORNING***** 3/10

    Morning all! I tried to change my signature picture but it wouldn’t work. Are there size limitations and if so, what are they and why wouldn’t that information be available at the upload point? Enjoy All! Fordman Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app

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