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    Anyone interested in these? The product was never released. These are the SAMPLES. Make reasonable offer. Paypal family and friends.
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    This is the promo
  3. gofrankgo


    There is not 2 Rodriguez cards in each pack. Rodriguez is on the back of each pack that I have. You can see the differences here. Promo is bottom scan.
  4. gofrankgo


    I know the 1992 High 5 prototype stickers have the Gray numeral over the Green diamond but has anyone seen the ones with a RED numeral over the green diamond?
  5. gofrankgo

    RARE Card

    Hey guys. You better jump on this RARE card .. speaking with tongue in cheek. :) http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-never-sold-eba ... 255d33c5c4
  6. gofrankgo

    Ebay listings

    Hey guys. I have a lot of 1989 Upper Deck cards up on eBay including the Griffey & Johnson RC. Just some cards I got over the years. If you are interested, check it out or tell your Griffey collector friends. Oh I also have some Thomas JUMBO cards on eBay also. :)...
  7. gofrankgo


    Welcome to FCB Mike. Send me your top 20 Thomas want list. I'll see what I have. Same goes for you other guys too :)
  8. gofrankgo

    promo set

    If anyone is looking for the 1993 Studio Frank Thomas and Ryan Sandberg promo set let me know.

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