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    RIP eBay bucks

    Translation: everybody is buying so much shit online, they’re going to buy it whether or not we have ebay bucks. Might as well save that 1%. Id bet within a year, we see ebay bucks disappear all together. I’ve seen an uptick in coupons targeting specific categories, and as another poster...
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    Nomination for the dumbest card concept yet!

    I recently pulled one of these and I don’t know man, I think I can get behind this.
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    85 Topps Tiffany McGwire help? Fake?

    Randy, this DOES help. Thank you. I compared my 2 base McGwires and 1 Tiffany. Zoomed in I see the “yellow” transition area in the Tiffany and one of the base. Turns out, one of my base McGwires hits most of the “counterfeit” characteristics, but I’m very confident the Tiffany is authentic...
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    85 Topps Tiffany McGwire help? Fake?

    Yes sir, it’s a great resource for identifying Tiffany vs Regular. Unfortunately not a lot of info of what to look for with Fake Tiffany vs Real Tiffany
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    85 Topps Tiffany McGwire help? Fake?

    Please share your knowledge! I’d rather know! 😆
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    85 Topps Tiffany McGwire help? Fake?

    So recently I bought an 84 Tiffany Mattingly which turned out to be counterfeit. Now I’m paranoid about all my Topps Tiffany cards. Does anyone know how to spot a counterfeit McGwire Tiffany RC? Ive attached the photos of mine (with a regular Topps for reference). Is this one legit?
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    1984 Topps Tiffany Mattingly help

    The blurry photo felt a little odd. sounds like it’s a “reprint” As for the surge, I think RC collectors are just trying to upgrade their 80s rookies. A Mattingly 84 Topps is pretty common, but the tiffany version is a big step up. You wouldn’t happen to have a Mattingly would you?
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    1984 Topps Tiffany Mattingly help

    Thanks for the clarity guys. Ugh. Does anyone have a Tiffany Mattingly they’d like to sell me???
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    1984 Topps Tiffany Mattingly help

    I appreciate you wanting to help, but that information is very incorrect. Like very.
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    1984 Topps Tiffany Mattingly help

    So I bought a raw 84 Tiffany Mattingly. It has the high gloss, so I know this isn’t a base version. My only issue is the card seems a little “blurry” compared to the regular 84 Topps. The stock and thickness feel right. Did 84 have counterfeit issues? Or were they still figuring out...
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    Whitey Ford has joined many of his former teammates

    Seaver, Gibson and Ford all within a few weeks?? Hitting just got a lot more difficult on the other side of the corn field
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    Satchel Paige “69” Jersey Patch Photo Match!

    Didn't read the whole thread. Once this took a crybaby turn, I veered off the road a bit. But my initial thought was the same as everyone else. You personally inked the tag to make it display nicer. Shame.
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    Is anyone surprised Florida ruined it for everyone?
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    Kenny Powers foam finger

    Does anyone have a line on one of these? Prefer a red HBO one, but will take the aftermarket knockoff if that’s all we can find. Building a Kenny Powers shadow box and the foam finger is a necessity. thanks

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