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    Whitey Ford has joined many of his former teammates

    Seaver, Gibson and Ford all within a few weeks?? Hitting just got a lot more difficult on the other side of the corn field
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    Satchel Paige “69” Jersey Patch Photo Match!

    Didn't read the whole thread. Once this took a crybaby turn, I veered off the road a bit. But my initial thought was the same as everyone else. You personally inked the tag to make it display nicer. Shame.
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    Is anyone surprised Florida ruined it for everyone?
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    Kenny Powers foam finger

    Does anyone have a line on one of these? Prefer a red HBO one, but will take the aftermarket knockoff if that’s all we can find. Building a Kenny Powers shadow box and the foam finger is a necessity. thanks
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    I have a Bernie Williams card I'd like you to have, if you want it. Shoot me your address.
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    What City Surprisingly DOESNT have an MLB Team?

    Every city in America. 😔 I miss baseball.
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    WTB Paying top dollar for RARE Mariano Rivera cards

    Hey bud. Every time I see a Rivera I think of you lol. Is this one legit?
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    Kinda warms your heart, doesn't it?

    I know this is a baseball forum, but the basketball forums look prettttty dead, so forgive me. Anyway, like most of you, as a kid I would spend hours sorting baseball cards. I didn't know it at the time, but they helped with my reading, adding, and attention to detail. More importantly for my...
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    Can any of my baseball buddies recommend a BASKETBALL box.

    I know where this belongs, but all the kids over there pick on me and steal my lunch money. Anywho, with this Shelter in Place thing, I’d like to send my friend’s younger son (who recently discovered a crazy passion for basketball) a box (or assortment of packs) of cards to open and sort while...
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    Jeter Guys: help on value of a monster?

    Have a chance to get this 96 Leaf Gold Autograph, but I’m curious what range it would go for. He’s asking quite a bit.
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    Well boys, they finally caught me

    After about 12 years of using the “free trial” of esnipe to bid on auctions for me, without ever buying credits/tokens, they’ve finally suspended me. Apparently, to regain their service I have to pay my negative balance off... which comes to $6,846! I always thought they were the best free...
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    1997 Dodgers — help identifying signatures?

    There’s 3 I just can’t place. Can anyone help? All the other players on the ball were on the 1997 roster, so I’m pretty sure these 3 would be too? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! (The one on the bottom. It extends up into Brett Butler’s)
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    Last minute Ebay-Bucks Promos??

    If I recall, the week after Christmas '18 was pretty big for ebay bucks deals. It seemed like ebay was trying to ramp up sales the last few days of the year. Am I remembering that wrong? Do you think it will happen again? I have a big purchase I am eyeballing that ends on 12/30... and I was...

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