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  1. gracecollector

    June 2020 PICKUP THREAD

    June was a good month for my Vlad PC
  2. gracecollector

    1993 Triple Play Previews

    Got the promo pack in hand and here are a couple of observations. The sleeve on back has a 1992 copyright line. This would be in line for year 1993 previews, as the manufacturer would be getting them out late 1992, early 1993. The sleeve itself is very thin and can only hold 3 cards. So if...
  3. gracecollector

    1993 Triple Play Previews

    Magic - I bought the 3 cards and sleeve, but don't have them in hand yet. I'll do a thorough comparison with scans when I have them in hand.
  4. gracecollector

    1993 Triple Play Previews

    Hey look what I found today! I may have been misinformed that these were distributed in 12 card clear cello wrappers. This dealer tells me Donruss sent 3-card sample packs to dealers in the shown cardboard holder. These are all "Preview" cards.
  5. gracecollector

    Vintage Pick Up Thread

    Great work! Getting close. Rabbit's are pretty easy to find.
  6. gracecollector

    Something odd going on on the Bay.

    First seller ended listing, sold card offline. Doesn't mean purchaser paid BIN price. Probably way lower. Now that purchaser has the card back up for sale. What's so odd?
  7. gracecollector

    2005 Studio Portraits cards

    Awesome to see a completed set! Nice collecting accomplishment!
  8. gracecollector

    Topps Bunt 20

    I've been using it a lot during quarantine. I've liked the recent bracket challenge cards and drawing board set. Trading seems to suck now. Can only offer a trade to one person at a time, half the time it comes back with "no trading partner found," and"cards they need" doesn't work for me. I...
  9. gracecollector

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    About as rare as it gets for 1990's... the 1990 Sportflics promo. Only took 25 years to find one. I can't recall ever seeing another Grace. Huge, enormous shout out to @Mozzie22 for making this happen! Forever indebted.
  10. gracecollector

    Rabbit Maranville Vintage Under $50 Collection

    This was an exciting pickup. After Rabbit's MLB career ended, he held various minor league manager positions. His final stop in organized baseball was with his hometown team, the Springfield (Massachusetts) Nationals of the Eastern League (A). Springfield welcomed their native son home with...
  11. gracecollector

    May pickup Thread

    Nicely done 1/1 pack issued sketch cards. First two from 2008 Topps Stadium Club, third from 2018 Topps. Brooks Robinson, Johnny Podres and Larry Doby.
  12. gracecollector

    MAIL THEFT and a somewhat disappointing mail day in general.

    Mean people suck. Sorry for your hassles. Hope things even out. My grandfather would get company tickets to 2-3 White Sox games a year in the early 80's, 2nd row behind dugout. I saw a lot of Tom Paciorek with the Pale Hose. Good memories! A name you can't forget.
  13. gracecollector

    Finished a dirty set

    Yeah, that set price is insane. I spent around $225 getting them all.
  14. gracecollector

    Supercollector Websites

    If you want to add me, cool... I have a page for supercollectors on MarkGrace.com and will be glad to link to the sites in this thread as well. Link to: http://markgrace.com/maingallery.html With more than 3,000 unique cards - all of which are pictured on the site - the MarkGrace.com...
  15. gracecollector

    1989 Fleer Bill Ripken F Face error card

    Card value has little to do with player, value is in the novelty of having a card that should have been censored. It's like a fart joke: universal, always funny to some, appeals to our juvenile sense of humor.

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