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    *** Meet The METS -All things NY Mets related ***

    Just scanned these the other day as a quarantine diversion-- a couple of Fonzie rainbows...
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    WTB 1998 Donruss Crusade Edgardo Alfonzo Purple, Green

    Looking for both the purple and green versions of the 1998 Edgardo Alfonzo Crusade, in nice condition with no visible refractor lines. Thanks for reading.
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    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Well, after much deliberation, I finally joined the Crusade... Now I'm on the lookout for some nice green and purple Fonzies.
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    Embarrassingly "F'd up" cards by companies

    I'm going the "spot the error" route with this one...
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    Baseball players who look like famous people

    HOFer Ed Plank and Mick Jones of The Clash.
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    2013 Allen and Ginter Box Lid Rip 1/1

    Went out to the Chantilly show in a torrential rain last weekend. Picked up my first 1915 Cracker Jack card and a box of 2013 Ginter. The box itself was pretty mundane-- single-color Lindsey Vonn relic, Abe Vigoda auto, second blah relic. I was about to call it when I remembered the hidden...
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    He was the image on the box of cards?

    How about an old school example-- the great Hank Webb on the 1975 wax box: