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  1. J

    Recent slab pickups / grading

    As always thanks for sharing. I love this thread.
  2. J

    Mark McGwire Collector's Thread

  3. J

    Mark McGwire Collector's Thread

    Now that is pretty darn cool.
  4. J

    September pick ups/pulls

    I’ve never seen that stadium club Canseco. That’s awesome.
  5. J

    Jesse Barfield/Mark McGwire Card

    This is just a miscut/misprint not a common error.
  6. J

    Mark McGwire Collector's Thread

    I really like this one. Doesn’t fit with my collection but if I were to buy one it would be this one and the last one.
  7. J

    Mark McGwire Collector's Thread

    Nice! I greatly prefer bgs over psa I’m just too cheap to grade with them lol
  8. J

    Tom Brady Fleer Metal Emerald Rookie

    In that shape I would just post detailed pictures like you did and put it in a 7 day auction on ebay. I'm not sure it will go for much but you definitely want those detailed pics so someone doesn't think they are buying a 9 or 10.
  9. J

    Why are Jose Canseco's PSA graded cards going up so much?

    He’s got a hobby following, and pretty much any of the 80’s/90’s stars are skyrocketing for some reason right now. I personally collect Canseco as well but not at those prices.
  10. J

    Mark McGwire Collector's Thread

    Wow even a 10 in there nice! How long did it take with BGS? I prefer them over PSA but just don’t want to wait until next year to get my cards lol.
  11. J

    An Answer to the COVD Blues…..TRADING!

    I may have your 2019 opening day needs, I'll check at the end of the day.
  12. J

    Recent slab pickups / grading

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m sure that certainly gives you a different perspective on the virus. :(
  13. J

    FT Essential Credentials Future For Trade

    Looking for any Autographics autos, any sport. 97-98 autographics basketball or football preferably but I collect them all. :) Also looking for Shaq GU, Luxury Box Box four, Luxury box celebrity material, all sorts of stuff, hit me up.
  14. J

    Autographed Photos For Trade or Sale

    Individual prices are listed. Will sell all for $50 or will trade for just about anything below. If buying shipping will be $4. 97-98 Skybox basketball and football autographics Any 2000+ Mark Mcgwire cards with him in A's uniforms Cheap Basketball GU 90's basketball inserts and some...
  15. J

    You ever get lucky on a garage sell find with cards?

    I see all these adds on facebook marketplace and craigslist of people with huge collections from childhood selling. Now most of us know if it's late 80's early 90's stuff it's worth about $20 not $500. But there are some that look like they may have some hidden treasures for decent prices...

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