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    FS Feeling Nostalgic? 2000 UD Powerdeck Box $20 Shipped

    I picked this up and figured someone would want to tear into it. 2000 Upper Deck Powerdeck box. $20 delivered (gift).
  2. J

    FS Great COMC Lot: Thousands of #'d, GU, & Auto's

    I picked these up over the course of the past year. Mostly serial #'d stuff, but some auto's & GU too. If anyone is interested, I'll get a more detailed list. A lot of this stuff are cards I've cherry picked from dealer "junk" boxes. There are several thousand cards at least. Most of the...
  3. J

    Final Offer

    Was the guy on Final Offer with all the Wacky Packages a certain infamous Superfractor buyer?
  4. J

    Did anyone just get an email from eBay?

    About them adjusting your feedback & DSR's? I just received an email that said they'd be removing a negative feedback I received in the past year and a few of the low DSR scores. They don't elaborate as to why they are doing it. I only received one neg this past year, but it's still on my...
  5. J

    Buying 2012 Tribute & Heritage Mariano Rivera

    I need everything of Rivera from Tribute. Let me know what you have available and your shipped price.
  6. J

    (2) 2006 Bowman Sterling Football Packs

    I have two sealed packs of 2006 Bowman Sterling Football. These came from a sale where the seller opened the boxes and sold off all the packs individually for whatever reason. $50 (gift) shipped
  7. J

    1982 "Fun Packs" w/ 13 Packs of Donruss in Each

    I recently picked up some "Fun Packs." Perhaps some of you remember them, they were sold in dollar stores and have 25 packs of cards in each. In this case there are 13 packs of 1982 Donruss and 12 packs of Knight Rider cards in each one. These, really, are safer to buy than wax boxes, since...
  8. J

    Player Collectors: How did everyone do with 2011 Topps?

    With Topps having many more (polluted?) parallels this year, how did everybody do with their player collections? For me, Rivera had a Series 1 and an Update card. I managed to pick up all the easy variations and scored my first Topps Platinum 1/1 from Update. I also got the Series 1 Canary...
  9. J

    Damaged FedEx Shipment

    Has anyone ever had any experience with a damaged Ground parcel from FedEx. An item I shipped was damaged and they decided it was inadequately packed and they aren't going to pay the insurance claim. I've packed thousands of items, and if this was poorly packed then every package ever shipped...
  10. J

    1099's from Paypal

    Has anyone received their's or know when we should expect them?
  11. J

    Online Poker?

    What sites, if any, are US residents using these days to play poker online now that the big guys have been shut down?
  12. J

    Lightning Strikes Twice

    A few weeks ago I posted pictures of a 1931 Washington Senators ball that I picked up at a local estate sale. Well, 5 days later I picked this one up about five miles from the first. 1966 Pirates team ball w/ Clemente. And yes, some kid wrote Michael Jackson on the sweet spot..... :lol:
  13. J

    Interesting eBay Scam

    I don't know if this is new or not, but it's new to me. I don't accept international bids on most things for obvious reasons. A few days ago someone hit a BIN and I sent them an invoice. Pretty standard. Today they emailed me and asked if I shipped to Korea and I noticed that they have...
  14. J

    Bones vs Machida

    This might be the one guy who can beat Jones. Should be a great fight!
  15. J

    Sale Between Dice-K Collector & Jastermereel

    Jastermereel Sends $400 Paypal Dice-K Collector Sends the cards from this thread: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=147067 Bryce Harper Bowman Blue Auto Alex Rodriguez Turkey Red Auto Manny Banuelos Auto Mike Trout Patch Auto Evan Longoria Auto To be shipped on Monday

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