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    The other Texas Rangers...

    I haven't logged on in a couple of years because of personal issues, but I thought I would relate a cool story. With the missing Brady jersey and the fact that the investigation being handed to the Texas Rangers, this story occurred to me as being relatable. The Rangers have been around for...
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    log in question

    on my PC, there is a box below the login box to check for staying logged in, but on Safari on my Ipad it isn't there. Any ideas on staying loogged in on the Ipad?
  3. J

    March Sadness

    5 Texas teams went to the playoffs. All five beaten on the first day. Sad, sad day in the Lone Star State....
  4. J

    FS Small auto and Color Lot - reduced

    $10 Gift delivered
  5. J

    FS Nice Topps insert lot - cheap

    $15 Gift for the lot, delivered. There are 15 of the game cards
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    FS 2015 topps auto lot

  7. J

    FS Decent card from Topps

  8. J

    FS Box o goodies

  9. J

    FS Soler auto - good price

    $18 Gift
  10. J

    FS Asst Autos, Color and Auto color HUGE scan

    I think there are 40 cards here. Just don't feel like 2 hours on Ebay. Rather lose money $70 Gift, delivered....
  11. J

    From AIC Break - SUPERFRACTOR!!

    Nick Howard Threw it up on Ebay before I even received it in the mail. Didn't even have a picture. Listed BIN of 249.99/BO. Only took am hour. Bam! Sold! For such an unknown player I feel great. BUT. Did I leave $$$ on the table?
  12. J


    What is the highest feedback number you have seen on Ebay? I just saw over 239,000. Blown away, considering so little feed back nowadays. Must have over Half a mil in number of sales. Holy smokes.
  13. J

    A day at the LCS - multisport

    Had a fun day spent to much, but...you know how it goes... BTW, all going on Ebay tonight, but if there's something you like shoot me a message and we'll talk 10/10 6/10

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