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  1. jkeys1313

    1998 Donruss Crusade - if made today

    I think they'd hit pink /75 also - which are some of my faves honestly.
  2. jkeys1313

    COMC (check out my cards) shipping wait times

    My shipment from 4/21 is showing as likely in 9/20...
  3. jkeys1313

    53 Satchel Paige card in the Oval Office

    If I had one, I'd frame it and replace some family pictures...
  4. jkeys1313

    Relapse on the hobby

    Same here. Sold all my "finds" over the years including my Jim Thome collection after my daughter was born, maybe 8 years ago. Held a few BGS items and sold the last of them recently after the "graded surge". Coming back in, slowly : )
  5. jkeys1313

    FS 2014 Inserts, Parallel, Etc.

    Wow, didn't see the date...sorry *I'll show myself out*
  6. jkeys1313

    FS Selling my 2014 Crown Royale collection.

    If you do end up breaking it up, hit me up on the Khalil Mack portion of this collection. TY!
  7. jkeys1313

    FS 2014 Inserts, Parallel, Etc.

    RTS-32 Contenders Retail Jersey Khalil Mack - do you have a scan? Any color on the jersey?
  8. jkeys1313

    Recent slab pickups / grading

    That finest prominent figures is a gorgeous card!!!
  9. jkeys1313

    Looking for rare / unique / high end Khalil Mack RC's

    Inserts, parallels, unique items, auto's, game used. Low serial #'s are great. Anything I don't have. Thank you all!

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