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    Anyone have any 1989 Fleer PSA graded available?

    I’m looking for 1989 Fleer PSA cards preferably in a PSA 9, but would like to see what is out there. I already have Jordan, Bird, Magic, Pippen and Karl Malone.
  2. J

    PSA/DNA Group Submission?

    A few years ago someone here on the board put together a group PSA/DNA submission. Just wondering if anyone does them now or is it even a possibly?
  3. J

    Anyone ever dealt with seller hoodyscollectibles?

    Anyone ever dealt with eBay seller hoodyscollectibles? Bid on an item last week with a fairly high snipe set and lost the item. Buyer looks like had a feedback of 4 and now the item has been relisted.
  4. J

    FS Jackie Bradley Jr Platinum 2 color patch auto /199

    Anyone want this for $33 shipped? I need some paypal tonight. The card is clean, any and all marks are from the scanner.
  5. J

    4 Blasters of 2016 Topps Heritage

    I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and picked up 4 Blasters of 2016 Heritage. This is my first pickups of this years Heritage. One of the blasters was a purple refractor hot box. Here are the results. SP’s #426 Clayton Kershaw #430 Dallas Keuchel x2 #444 Anthony Rizzo #454 Ian Kinsler x2...
  6. J

    FS Addison Russell BDP Refarctor RC auto

    Addison Russell refractor auto $65 obo for 1
  7. J

    WTB Looking for Brett Eibner…

    Anyone have any Brett Eibner autos or low #'d cards available? I know he had a few a couple of years back. Search those common boxes for me. Hoping to pickup a few cards of this former Razorback.
  8. J

    WTB Looking for 2011 BDP William Abreu cards

    Anyone have anything William Abreu? Especially autos for sale?
  9. J

    FS Addison Russell quick sale

    Anyone interested in this for $80 shipped? I could use some quick paypal tonight.
  10. J

    Can anyone with WorthPoint help me out?

    I have an item I could use some help on past sales with.
  11. J

    Need some help with some ideas

    Ok guys I am a high school softball coach and have done so for the last 12 years. I am at a very small school without much of a budget for sports. We are needing to raise money for equipment and a little field work. I am having a tuff time coming up with ideas to raise money. The small town...
  12. J

    Busted a few packs today for the first time in months.

    Went out with my wife today for our 8th Anniversary. Stopped by the only hobby store within a 2 hour drive. I bought 2 packs of Diamond Kings, 4 packs of UD Goodwin, 4 packs of Gypsy Queen and grabbed a Archives blaster at wm on the way home. Here are the results: Diamond Kings: Adam...
  13. J

    FS Addison Russell, Joc Pederson, Springer, Swihart, Griffey Jr,

    Needing some paypal and decided to put these out there. George Springer 2011 BDP auto BGS 9.5 w/ 10 auto ( subs: corners 9, everything else 9.5) $83 ***Sold*** Addison Russell refractor auto $85 each or $150 for the pair. Shelby Miller 2010 Elite auto BGS 9 w/ 10 auto and a 2013 Bowman...
  14. J

    2014 BDP Jumbo Box

    Not sure how I did here.
  15. J

    FS/FT 2002 Playoff Absolute Signing Bonus 8x10's

    I have the following Absolute 8x10's for trade. I am looking for other Absolute 8x10's that I do not have. The marks on the Pujols are scratches on the glass. It can easily be fixed.

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